There's a number of science related posts I want to do and one relating to cooking but for some reason I just can't seem to actually write about these things.

You might have noticed that I have a new tenant over there to the right. Rock Bitch. She's got an interesting blog that I've looked over a number of times in the past year. Her archives go back only 3 months but I'm quite sure she's been around a lot longer, I don't know why the archives don't. In any case I'll do a write up on her blog on Friday or Saturday after I've read all of her posts.

I'm planning on revamping the design on this blog and that's probably gotten me so that I don't want to post anything on here until everything is prettier. Only problem is that I've not decided what to do different on here. The past 2 days I've been looking over blogs at Blog Explosion trying to decide what I like and what I don't.

One of my favorite designs is just simply way too much work but I love the way it looks and acts. That is simply hot shit, if you'll excuse my language. I also love how the designer got all that Blogger crap out of the way on that menu. Of course it's that carousel at the top that is pure eye candy but way, way too much trouble to keep updated!

Any sites y'all like? I'm willing to beg, borrow and steal! I'm thinking along the line of doing a textured background with a prominent picture on the header, but centered and smaller than I have now, and some color in the center text area.

Well, maybe by the end of the week I'll have done something...


web_loafer said…
Mark, you blog is blue. I love blue skies, blue jazz clubs, and the men in blue, but blue also causes visual problems. Way back when, they always told me...."don't use blue pencil....'cuz it will not photograph....talking about the early Zerox.......
It would make a copy of anything, except the items of blue.
This is a true story my friend, blue is not a blogging color.
Did you ever wonder why they always made sure you had a black pencil, black inkpen, instead of BLUE.
And we both know Women Rule, so Pink is in, Blue is out. There are very few colours that compliment blue....ohhhhhhhhhhhh....you say pink compliment blue????
Not exactly......blue is blue, pink is pink.

Your blog doesn't need much revamping:
The work is there....but the color is wrong.

Don't get mad at me for my opinion.................I will admit, I may be wrong...like the time in 1957, when I thought IKE was stupid, no he was a Republican, who didn't want press, did his job, and could not be second guessed.

Our highways are the best in the world, because of that conservative Republican.....

Who knew what war was, and made sure we could win our next war.


The very roads you drive on, were a conserative republican presidents ideas.

Hey Pelosi.....think Nancy.
No_Newz said…
I don't know about that site. It's a little too busy and distracting for me (ADD much?) plus it is slow to load if your highspeed internet is from Comcast which isn't really all that speedy. :P
Okay so this blog exploding thing, I can't possibly read one more blog. My eyeballs will fall flat out of my head. But good on you for sticking with the group.
Science posts huh? I got one of those today, kinda. Have a groovy day!
Lois Lane
kenju said…
That moving "carousel" is a bit distracting when you are trying to read. Even the flickr photos that move are distracting to me!

I will be interested to see what you come up with.
Tara said…
I like simple blogs. I think busy backgrounds take your eyes away from the text. I don't like when a blog has too much. The one you linked to, won't even load on my dial-up. I'm sure it's nice, but it takes too long. When I am voting in BoB, and a blog is taking too long to load, I'll vote for the other one just because I can actually SEE it, lol.
I hate sidescrolling, too. Why do people do that to their sites?
I like yours now. Simple and straightforward. But we all need a change sometimes.
sassyassy said…
You are a creative soul and I have no doubt that you will unleash something awesome. I like the photos and header on your favorite designed blog, but I agree with kenju that the carousel is too much.
utenzi said…
Chris, long time no see. I hope this means that you'll be posting at your blog again.

Judy, nobody else seems to love that blog. For me it's the ultimate design. But too much work so I won't be making anything like that.

Lois, I see it totally different. I view that blog as being simple and elegant. Odd how different we interpret the same thing. The simple background plus removing the menu from sight appeals to me immensely. And I love the carousel too though that's what most people seem to object to. And I do remember you and I butting heads about that javascript thingy I had on my site for a few days--I like web toys.
Lisa said…
Rock Bitch is great. I've always loved her blog.

I'm with the other commenters... The carousel header is a bit much for me.

But hey! Its YOUR blog! So who cares what anyone else thinks!

I've received quite a few less-than-flattering comments and e-mails about my new design, and while I respect their opinion, I don't care! I love it and its my place.

You do the same. :-)

And yeh... I tried not to find that blonde joke amusing. Luckily I didn't stick with that one as long I did your red button post... lol
Teresa said…
I haven't looked at your favorite design yet, but will post again when I do. I'm sure it's no surprise that I like the simple format of your blog. However, I know you get bored and have an artist's eye, so changes are inevitable with you!

If it gets too "busy", I can't read it and get frustrated, so as long as it's readable, it's fine with me. I'm okay with the current color, but truthfully, the only color that really bothers me is black (and that's not even a color!).

I'm more interested in what you post than how you post it, but will look forward to your changes.
kenju said…
Utenzi, in answer to your comment: I KNOW some of thea ctresses of today will stand the test of time. I was talking about Britney, Paris and Lindsay.
Teresa said…
I took a look at your sample format... The carousel thing didn't bother me as it wasn't visible once I scrolled down. However, the menu thing wouldn't go away for me -- I'm sure there's something I was supposed to do that I didn't, but it was annoying! I liked the centered posts and the clean look of the page.
Michelle said…
I agree with the majority, your favorite site aint my favorite! Infact it froze my computer because it had so many moving bits and pieces! I say stick with a fancy banner...a few plain colors, just don't have anything with flashing lights that takes forever to get the page loaded.
Oreo said…
Did you notice she's advertising for Dr. Pepper???
No_Newz said…
Your writing and photos are always great. To take away from them with busy java doodoo is just plain silly. Also, I never ever ever once butted you with my head. I may have accidentally kicked you in the shins, but that's it!
Lois Lane
utenzi said…
Oreo, I know it might sound a little silly, but I was trying not to look over there so I missed the logo. I'm not sure if I should go back and look either...

Michele, nobody likes the kinda site I like. So sad! I love toys and tricks.

Teresa, at the bottom of the menu is a close tab thingy. All you do is mouse over it, you don't even need to click it. It's like magic!
Michelle said…
Hey i like toys and tricks too....just not on my blog!
Teresa said…
At the bottom of the menu is a magic close tab thingy... I'll have to check that out! Thanks!
Carmi said…
I want to change to something simple, clean, and unique. Haven't had the time to play in template-land of late. I think it might be simplest to find a template somewhere and modify it.

Such decisions...
Awesome!! I can't wait to see a new design here :) Your content is definitely above-average to say the least, but the blue is just a little too...blue. LOL I think you will do a great job designing it, no matter what you end up with!
Karen said…
My two faves, in terms of design, are BusyMom and Fashionable Chaos. They both have hip, trendy designs that look cool. I'm technologically-challenged, so I have no clue how to improve mine. Oh well. I'll focus on the writing.

Michele sent me!

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