Christmas follow up

The follow up, of course, is the thank you notes. I always put them off at least a week.

Well, today is the day I'm going to finally write them up and sent them out.

Fortunately Email does make it a lot easier. And also helping is that I have a small family so there's only notes to send to my parents, my brother and his family, my aunt and her husband, and last but most certainly not least, my girlfriend and her parents.

Some of the presents I received are shown there to the left. The books came from my parents and my brother's family. The movies were from my girlfriend, my parents, and my brother.

The candy--Necco Wafers!--is from my girlfriend and the wine is from her parents. It's a Reisling from a winery I've never tried before. I'm sure it'll be excellent.

To the left there is a wreath that my Mom made for me. I really don't have much in the way of holiday decorations so this year my Mom made some to get me started.

I almost bought a tree this year and if I had it would have been the first one I ever had. But I didn't so my record is still perfect. Maybe next year. In any case it'd be an artificial tree since I can't see killing some poor defenseless tree just so I can prop it up in my living room like some hunting trophy. LOL

This last picture is of Santa! Yeah, I know it should be obvious but I just wanted to be sure we were all on the same page. Like the wreath above, my Mom made it for me. He's a wall hanging and is decorating a downstairs hallway at the moment.

I'm not good at putting decorations away so he might be making his home there for a few months. Maybe around Easter I'll put the Christmas things away. Maybe.


Oreo said…
It looks like they raided my book supply to get your gifts! I see a lot of titles that I've read recently or have waiting for me to pick them up.
Tara said…
LOL, I'm the same way with putting away xmas decorations. I wait 'till the last minute to put them up, but I would happily leave them there till St.Patrick's day. My husband usually gets me out of the house somehow, then takes everything down real fast before I know what hits me.
Happy New Year, Utenzi!
utenzi said…
Tara, I suspect it's because you like Christmas--in my case it's just ecause I'm lazy.

Oreo, I didn't know cats could read! Damn, I'm going to have to be more careful about the things I write from now on. LOL However I find it heart warming that we have so much in common. Now if only I could grow fur so I'd stay warmer...
No_Newz said…
Wait a tic! You got wine and Necco Wafers??? You could totally play confession! Lucky ducky!
Lois Lane
Oreo said…
Yeah I read! Didn't you see the pictures of me reading that Dean Koontz book?! I've got the lastest Sue Grafton to start on next. BTW, shame on you Utenzi...shame! I also read what you wrote in my comments earlier...& I KNOW what you were thinking!
Michelle said…
Lucky sausage, look at all those books!
I love your Santa, he's so cool!
utenzi said…
Oreo and Lois--my two favorite bloggers! I'm not sure Koontz qualifies as reading but maybe for a cat...

What are the rules to playing confession, Lois? Apparently Oreo thinks I have thoughts I should be confessing about. And he's probably right! BTW, this all has to do with naming his uncle's cat so it's not all that naughty.
Oh cool, I have a cat named Oreo too, and he's my best friend :D

Utenzi, looks like you had quite the nice Christmas this year!! And Santa sure looks nice too :)

Don't say you wanted to name his Uncle's cat another term for a cat :P lol
Oh cool I can post as me again without the blogger stuff! Yay!!

By the way, just voted for ya on Battle..
Anonymous said…
Hmm, you remind me that I need to get started on my thank you cards also! I want to find some Winnie The Pooh cards. Don't laugh. Pooh bear is cool.

No_Newz said…
So you necer read the Necco post at my blog eh?? Haha. I'll give ya the short version. Dad bought Neccos for me. I thought they tasted like chalk. They were round like communion wafers. That gave me the idea. In my catholic school I told my classmates if they confessed their sins I would absolve them of sin by giving them a Necco Jesus flake. They told me all the good stuff and I gave up the candy one by one. I made them jump off of the swings while saying sorry to the big guy upstairs in order for it to be finalized. Ahh, good times. And that my friend is why I fear hand basjets and Necco Wafers. :P
Lois Lane

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