cajun spiced potatoes

There's this fast food restaurant that I love for their french fries. While I normally love ketchup on fries, these fries are so good that I never bother with it. It's the seasoning on the fries that makes them so tasty. The restaurant is Bojangles and the seasoning is cajun.

While the recipe that follows isn't as good as the one at Bojangles, it does get some of the flavor and I've been eating a lot of potatoes as a result these past few weeks.

After cutting up some potatoes, add them onto a pan for baking in the oven. I sprinkle some olive oil on top and then mix them a bit to ensure they all have a light coating of oil. I don't add any spice yet since the paprika and garlic can burn and change in taste if in the oven for too long.

The following is the recipe I used though I did modify it slightly. Instead of hot paprika I used red pepper and I tripled the amount of sweet paprika from what is in the recipe below.

2 tb Sea salt
1 tb Garlic powder
1 tb Onion powder
1 tb Dried thyme
1 tb Dried oregano
1 tb Hot paprika
2 ts Black pepper

2 ts White pepper
1 ts Paprika

The first picture is the potatoes after I peeled them. These are russets and I take off all the skin, in the case of red potatoes or Yukon golds I would leave the skin on.

The second picture is after 25 minutes in a 400 f oven and then sprinkling the spice mix on them and mixing. I put the potatoes back in for 5-10 minutes more before adding more spice and then eating them.

You might have noticed the silicone sheet I lined the pan with. I LOVE those things. Nothing sticks to them and they make cleanup a breeze. Parchment paper would work as well, but gets expensive--the silicone sheets last nearly forever and if you get them on sale via Amazon they're fairly inexpensive.

This is what the potatoes look like when they're finished. They're tasty and since there's no saturated oils used in the prep, they're not bad for the arteries and the calories are reasonable too.

I like them soft and tender so if you want them firmer keep them in the oven longer.


eph2810 said…
They look great. Thanks for the recipe :)
Teresa said…
Hmmmm... I'm not fond of seasoned potatoes usually. But I have done some in the oven (not like yours) that have been very tasty. I didn't know about burned spices though. That's good to know. I actually like black pepper best when it's fried into things. It gives it a different taste than adding it at the end. (Yeah, I know about you and black pepper... odd notions you have!)
utenzi said…
Yeah--me and black pepper don't mix with any politeness. Paprika is no problem and white pepper is usually okay. Red pepper is iffy but only due to the heat involved, it's not the same problem that black pepper gives me.

Most spices are fine under heat, direct or indirect. Some will burn tho and that's to be avoided.
Lisa said…
Those look REAL yummo! I swear I was in here yesterday and thought I had commented on the earlier post about Stephanie. Just shows how my head is not in the right space currently, doh!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting :)
Oreo said…
Now if you could just come up with the recipe for Bo-Rounds....
Those look very tasty Untenzi!
(Although I might vary the spices a bit.) I didnh't know spices could burn and change in flavor. Good to know, and remember.


utenzi said…
Lisa, always good to visit you. I'm glad you like the potato recipe.

Oreo, shouldn't you be more interested in toasted mice? Or maybe raw ones?

3T, many spices are fine with heat but as a general rule, the ones with an oil base will run into problems if heated too much. Many accent foods like onions and garlic are also easy to burn if you are using high heat.
Carrie said…
I'm going to try to make those potatoes tonight. Also congrats on the Looney Tunes!!
No_Newz said…
Thanks a lot pal. Like I really need to crave fried foods at 10 in the morning. :P
Lois Lane
utenzi said…
Thanks, Carrie.

Lois--you missed the point. These are baked, not fried. Heartfriendly. Sortof. It uses olive oil and no saturated fats, at least.

Those look so yummy :) My husband is a huge fan of the potato, so I'm gonna try this recipe for tonight's dinner :D Thanks for the idea Utenzi!
Uisce said…
Stop it, you are making me drool!! :)
Michelle said…
MMMMMMmmmmm yummmmmy!
Carol said…
It sounds delicious! Wow - such a multi-talented guy! I'll try this recipe soon.
Lisa said…
man oh man oh MAN! Please come to my house and cook those? PLEASE??

I'll even supply the potatoes. We've got tons of them here.. ;-)
utenzi said…
I do hope you're talking about the potatoes, Dave.

Let me know how your husband likes them, Stephanie. BTW, that BE contest is taking forever to end. Good luck, I think.
dam those look good.

im writing this one down and giving it a whirl!
utenzi said…
Most definitely, Lisa. I don't need to be invited twice!

Thanks, Michelle and Carol. I think you'll like the dish--and it's so easy to make. But I'll tell yah, lining the pan really helps with the clean up. Aluminun foil if you don't have silicone. Baking / roasting potatoes are so painful to clean up after otherwise.
kenju said…
Wow, they look great! Did you know you can buy the Bojangle's seasoning that they use on fries? Several years ago, I bought 5-6 jars of it and gave some away.

Those Bojangle's fries are the reason I have to do something about my weight this year. I had my last fries there on 1-1-06, with a vow not to eat them anymore. Let's see just how long I can keep that one! LOL
Just letting ya know, the potatos turned out awesome - both me and my husband love them! Spicy and delicious - thanks so much for the recipe, now we have a new favorite snack food lol
You're making me hungry!
Will have to try the silicone sheet, Use lots of parchment paper and you are rigt it does get expensive. Thanks for the tip and so you know I got here because your blog was posted in the blogs worth reading section of the Blogazoo Forum.

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