Stephanie, my new tenant

Stephanie's very interesting. Her blog is a combination of a personal blog where she unwinds and unloads some of her problems in life as well as a link to her commercial site where she sells her line of scented items (incense, candles, bath & body products, soaps, and macrame hair wraps--whatever those are).

As you can see she's also lovely with red hair and fair skin. Not that this had any influence on my picking her as my tenant! LOL But it just so happens that I do have a weakness for the Irish appearance in the fairer sex.

Actually what I find most interesting about Stephanie is her battle with schizophrenia. I cowrote a book about the disease a few years back. While it was a book for older kids and not as detailed as a book oriented towards adults would be, I still learned a lot about the disease--or diseases would probably be more accurate.

Scizophrenia is a very difficult disease to live with and maintain a normal lifestyle. I find Stephanie's struggle to be admirable. While her blog isn't very long right now--she just recently started portaling her blog over to Wordpad--it is quite revealing and honest. Her bio and list of 100 things about me can be heartwrenching at times. Here's a few random bits:

  • I have a deep love for animals, and tend to foster a lot of homeless pets for local animal rescues. Currently I have 2 cats, 2 snakes, 6 sugar gliders, and a ferret.
  • I met my current husband over the internet *smirk*. Back in 2000, we met on an internet discussion forum for webmasters (in the php section….awww…geek love is so sweet).
  • I am a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic
  • Women, be forewarned, you don’t want to mess with a psychotic schizophrenic with a jealous streak
  • I have the world’s largest brown thumb - I breathe near a plant and it will die.
  • I lived on the streets of New Orleans for 2 months, living with absolutely nothing
  • I have held over 85 jobs in my lifetime (I’m 27 years old)
  • I hate 9 out of 10 people I meet and 7 out of 10 people who I meet hate me
  • I love making incense, candles, macrame, and any other “crafty” stuff like that. Making things is so cool
  • I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink alcohol but I do smoke cigarettes like a chimney
  • I don’t believe in Satan, but if he does exist, he is most likely my mother.
  • My dream car is a 1977 Trans Am Special Edition, as seen in the Smokey and the Bandit Movies
  • 91. I have decided that I don’t like making lists of 100 things.
So.... what do you say after that? If you're familiar with schizophrenia you'll notice that a few of those items are quite typical--what's unusual is that Stephanie is in a steady relationship with someone that she loves and loves her back and that she's working consistantly. The job is in her home, which as she explains in her blog is a very good thing. These are quite impressive accomplishments for someone with schizophrenia, making it even more impressive is that Stephanie has paranoid schizophrenia which makes accomplishments like those even harder. My hat is off to her.

As you can probably also notice, she's got a sharp sense of humor and communicates it well. I'm sure you'll like reading over her blog and if you like candles or incense...just follow the link on her blog to her commercial site. I'm sure she'll appreciate the visit:

We create our hand-dipped incense in our in-home creation studio. We have drying racks, fragrance jars, packaging materials, and much more! We soak the incense by completely submerging it in our special blends of essential and fragrance oils for a full 24 hours. Once the soaking process has been completed, we lay the incense out on drying racks (pictured to the right). Once there, we let them dry in an open airy room for 48-72 hours until they are mostly dry.


Karen said…
Wow, that sounds interesting. I'll have to check that out!

Here via Michele's...
JustSue said…
I bet the place smells wonderful whilst she is doing all this!

Thank you for dropping by earlier today!
Jean-Luc Picard said…
Stephanie sounds like she's worth a visit.

Michele sent me here.
This worked out rather strangely...You were above me at Michele's at my first try at it lol But I guess I will thank you again, and publicly this time for saying such kind and wonderful things about me - you are an incredible person, and I'm so glad to have met you.

Stephanie Davies
Helen said…
Hand-dipped incense. I'm on my way!
Have a great New Year!
utenzi said…
Helen, I hope you like the products there.

Stephanie, I'm glad to have seen your site and even moreso your lovely picture. However I keep remembering that 90% of the folk you meet you don't like! LOL

Jean-Luc, thanks for dropping by.

JustSue, I'm sure you're right. Her house must smell heavenly!

Karen, it's always nice to have you stop by.
Carol said…
Incense sounds nice - I'll drop by and see what I think.
David, you are such a nice landlord!
Dawn Falcone said…
She sounds incredible! I'm going to check out her site. I really believe in supporting crafters.

By the way, Michelle sent me.
colleen said…
Very Interesting. Thanks for turning us on to Stephanie's site. My blog landlord is
Michele sent me...on a Tuesday!
Wowsa - thank you all for such lovely comments! LOL Yes, 90% of the people I meet, I usually don't like - however you luckily fall into the 10% of people I do like :) And with all your compliments, you are certainly making me blush!

JustSue, yep, my house pretty much smells like you think it would. And the best part is, I never have to pay for commercial air fresheners ever again! Although I can't really smell it myself anymore..I am around the scents all day everyday, and my nose sort of gets deadend unless its a really strong scent!

And yes, David, you are a really nice landlord {hugs} I'm so glad I met you!
craziequeen said…
Evening utenzi :-)

Bet that room smells nice with all those incense sticks drying :-)

Here from Michele's

JustLinda said…
Hey, you -- I believe I beat you fair and square in a race from Michele's to PlainJane's. hahaha

Hello from Michele and Happy Holidays to you and yours. ;)
Grace said…
please feel fre to visit a dear friend of mines live journal- she too is schizophrenic- and a writer, artist, great friend...amazing woman with a loving, positive outlook on life that is totally by choice...anyway- enjoy-

happy holidays
Ivy said…
ive got family who is schizophrenic. Its an on going battle and one that sometimes is not won. I'll check out her blog.

Here via Michele's..
margalit said…
Wow, this is a blog that I'm going to check out. I know first hand the horrors of paranoid MIL is one. And it ain't pretty. I think it's admorable that your tenant is doing so well. Can't wait to read her blog.

Michele sent me today.
Mrs. Fun said…
hello,michele sent me :)

i will have to wonder over.
Nikki-ann said…
Off over to Stephanie's :)

Here via Michele's.

Take care.
Michelle said…
Fascinates me how the majority of Schizophrenics are great artists. Whether it be painting,sculpting,musically inclined or as this young womans case, the art of creating.
Carmen said…
That sounds really interesting! I'd love to see her work.

Michele sent me.;)
Karen said…
Here again via Michele's. I'm just considering the hand-dipped incense. Lots of work. Wow.

Well, hope your day is going well.
YellowRose said…
Here via Michele's! I'll hop on over and check out Stephanie also! Hand dipped incense, candles, bath & body are talking my language!!!
Here from Michele tonight..
I love to hear about hand-made anything! But incense...WOW!

I will be going over there, and thanks, so much for the 'Heads-Up'!
kontan said…
plan to check her from micheles
kenju said…
Michele sent me tonight,Utenzi. I saw Stephanie's site yesterday - as I followed a link from Michele's meet n' greet.

Come over and read my post tonight - which was prompted by OOLOTH'S.
Chrixean said…
Oh my, I must say, I am quite curious to visit Stephanie. Thanks for telling me about her site. :-)
lisa said…
Now all I need to know is what the heck are sugar gliders?

They sound delicious.

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