sinuses & 2-ME

My sinuses are trying to kill me so I'm just going to post some pictures from this weekend.

This first one is the northwest corner of my backyard. As you can guess, it doesn't look exactly like this. I played around with the colors and contrast a little.

I took the picture because I really liked the way the gray sky contrasted with the color of my shed and the fading leaves on the pear trees to the side. Of course that doesn't come across in this picture but you can see it to a degree on the picture below.

This is the line of Bradford Pear trees at the side of my yard. There's still leaves on the trees but they're pretty ragged and are littered across my yard as well.

Next week their end will be met as I winterize my mowers by finishing off the gas in their tanks by mulching the leaves into my yard. If I'm good, I'll toss some lime down also to keep the pH of the soil from dropping too far--but more likely I'll just chalk it up to slowing the growth of the grass next year. The damn stuff grows too fast as it is. Some acidity might teach it a lesson!

The neighbor on this side of my house has several chickens and they often jump the fence and peck about in that part of my yard. If nothing else, it helps aerate the soil a bit and adds a little fertilizer to the soil as well.

I'd never held a chicken before she got these. It's amazing how soft their feathers are. I'd always assumed they'd be stiff and hard. Not so. They're soft almost like a stuffed toy. I was really surprised--and they weigh so little for their size!

This is Rocko, another of my girlfriend's cats. He's the prettiest one but is a real scaredy-cat. He's so jumpy that even the other cats--all smaller than him--freak him out. The dogs send him into orbit if they surprise him.

He might look calm here in this picture but he's anything but.

Personally I'll take a chicken over Rocko any day. Sorry, Oreo.

Well, I need to try to get some sleep before work. I'm going in late today because I'm going to be doing some drug testing on some of my cultures of breast cancer cells. After I treat them with 2-methoxyestradiol I need to sample them at timepoints during the day and night so I'll be keeping them company for a while. They don't talk much so I'll bring a book.

I guess I ended up doing a little more than just posting pictures....


Oreo said…
:P Silly Utenzi. Unless of course you're talking about lunch, in which case, yes, chicken......
magz said…
nice yard! all it needs is a few chickens of yer own David..

I used to believe all the rural myths and rumors about 'stupid fowl' .. till I started raising them. They entertain me endlessly with their personalities, my turkeys are worthy of David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks, and one chicken has been photographed pecking on this keyboard, and pulled up to the table with a place laid in front of her and a bib around her neck.

My 2 tom turkeys are better watchdogs then the Rottweilers, by far!
Aginoth said…
I also have painful have my every sympathy :o(
No_Newz said…
Good luck with your petri dish tits. Find a cure already damn it. :)
Rocko is prettier than any old chicken! Even if he is a bit of a chicken himself. He looks just like a cat I had growing up.
Lois Lane
Lish said…
He's a beautiful cat! You should be nice to him. Have fun at work today. We have our Holiday potluck today which means I'll hardly screen any slides.
Hope you feel better soon Utenzi.

This kitty is beautiful too! (It's hard to find an agly cat, although I have seen a few)

Teresa said…
Feel better, dear. I know what you are going through.

Rocko is a pretty cat. Having a "scaredy cat" of my own, I'm sure he can be interesting to have around. Mine runs all the way to the attic if the doorbell rings, and lived up there for a few weeks when our latest dog came. He gets used to things, but always seems to expect the worst and spends his time avoiding it. :-)

Don't listen to anyone... you don't need chickens. They may be soft and fun to watch with their antics, but they can be nasty creatures. You need no more nastiness in your life.
My cat Lucy looks like that kitty. She is pretty and only likes girls. She doesn't like to be around men.
Ditsy Chick said…
Go fight win, against those damn cancer cells.
kenju said…
Beautiful cat, and I prefer my chicken on a plate!

Let those cancer cells know who is BOSS!
kenju said…
Re: your comment on the blogorrhea cartoon:

I am probably a blend of all three, wouldn't you say?
Such an interesting post in every way...I love the pictures, particularly that incredible looking tree whose leaves are still dropping! Forgive me for not knowing, but your work sounds very very important! I hope the things you are working on will be incredibly fruitful towards a 'cure'....
Michelle said…
Dave i love your pussy :)
What fabulous photos, you are obssessive compulsive just like me!

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