My tenant from Blog Explosion, RenaRF who maintains the blog On The Left Tip is about to finish out her lease on my blog.

She hasn't posted much this week, just once on Monday and again on Wednesday. No doubt the holidays are keeping her busy. Everyone has so much to do this time of year.

Her Monday post was a commentary on political bumper stickers and how annoying it is to be stuck in traffic with slow drivers. Her focus was more on politics but the slow driving was what got my blood steaming. I kept thinking "Get out of the left lane you dick!"

Rena's Wednesday post was about shopping online with New Orlean's businesses to help them survive economically. I like that approach. Helping them stay afloat with private business instead of government handouts.

Rena started her blog, On the Left Tip, on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 and usually posts regularly. Go and see!


Juggling Mother said…
I keep meaning to try this blog explosion thing. I'll click your now for you:-)

Michele sent me today
Joe said…
Nice blog. My wife loved the panda picture you have.

Michele sent me.
kenju said…
Okay, I'll check her out, Utenzi, but I'll have to do it after I go to the grocery. Check with you later.

Michele sent me.
Carmi said…
Thanks for the pointer, Utenzi. As they say, any friend of yours is a friend of mine, too.
Michelle said…
I think that te on line shopping idea is brilliant!! Very well thought out :)
I'll take a look after I do some other work..and I thank you for your comment today..and there were NO ego's doing anything in that Master Class...people were there for one reason and it is what brought them into the theatre in the first place...If there was any ego it was all the people in the class looked up to him and a most respectful way...this is a place to see the seriousness of actors....not anything else, I'm happy to say.
Back again, Utenzi...Michele sent me once again and I LOVE looking at your icicle photo's...Never Bored With That! And, you have an interesting tenant, too!
Back again Utenzi...I'v been out and about at the Back Doctor's..ate dinner and a touch of desert and now, back on the Internet, a-visiting you! Here from the wonderful Michele, of course!
Jean-Luc Picard said…
People don't tend to have bumper stickers. The only ones we see in England are 'Baby on Board' on the back windscreen...whether there is one at all.

Michele sent me here.
Chas Ravndal said…
she looks pretty
ribbiticus said…
mission accomplished, sire! :)
i clicked for Renees blog n the left tip and I do not see it amid the blog renting ads???
dena said…
I'll head over there and see what's up.

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