My new tenant from Blog Explosion is RenaRF who maintains the blog On The Left Tip. As you can probably gather from the name, Rena tends to the left. As she states in her profile area: "A proud member of the 49% who voted for John Kerry".

She also posts to several other blogs such as Daily KOS and Boycott Thieves.

Rena started her blog, On the Left Tip, on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 and posts regularly. On her first day she posted this:

People learn a lot about me by seeing what news attracts and holds my attention. I consume my news from a host of different sources. In the so-called mainstream, I turn to CNN and MSNBC for televised news and read The Washington Post and The New York Times for print news. I also subscribe to Sirius satellite radio and listen to BBC and C-SPAN. I'd say the greatest diversity of news I consume comes online, however. I visit a host of blogs, the most prominent being Daily Kos. I also read international news sources like online newspapers from Mexico and online English-language editions of Al-Jazeera. We exist in a vacuum if we care only what we are saying about what we're doing - it should and does matter what others are saying about it as well. It flabbergasts me that we don't turn more readily to international news sources - for no other reason that it at least provides some perspective.

which explains a lot about how Rena finds and thinks about the news that she posts about.

Rena lives in Washington DC though she comes from Texas where most of her family still lives. She's a Christian though she doesn't attend church very often. On the other hand, she did attend the anti-Iraq war protest in Washington DC on the weekend of September 24th.

It's not all about politics either--here's a picture from her post about one of the newer citizen's in the zoo.

Rena's a golfer, which I can kinda understand even though I have a 25 handicap, but what I just can't understand is her love of bad football. In her words:

Just so we're clear, I bleed burgundy and gold. From August to February every year, if the Redskins are playing, I'm watching. Period.

Another great thing about Rena's blog is that she has A list tenants from Blog Explosion. Her current one is Glyn from Zephod's Heads. A blog I heartily recommend.

I pay attention to politics largely due to its affects on domestic economics but I usually don't care all that much who's in power at the moment. In the end I think it all washes out the same. However this administration is the worst in my lifetime and I think history will judge it the worst in 0ver 100 years. Rena's got a lot more interest in politics and she has the knowledge and eloquence to post much better onthis subject than I ever will. Do give her a read.


I'll be sure to check her out Utenzi! :-)

Diane Mandy said…
Me, too! And I agree with you on this administration... worst ever.
Karen said…
A lefty AND a Redskins fan...well, she has two strikes against her in my neck of the woods! ;-) That's OK. We can agree to disagree.

Hi Utenzi!
Karen said…
Oops, forgot to mention that Michele sent me...
Chatty said…
I love that you take the time to learn about your tenants. Super!

Thank you for your kind words too...our breath is held until tomorrow. :)
Great recommendation Utenzi, thanks so much....
I'm here from Michele today.
And I'm going to go to Rena and some of the other political blogs you mentioned.
Deana said…
I like the Redskins and lefties..I will go check your renter out. Michele sent me tonight.
I was here a minute or two ago and Michele sent me right back, lovely girl that she is!!!
Weirded Out said…
I like how you promote other peoples' blogs. Nice.

Thanks for taking up my battle of the blogs challange, too. Although, judging by your blog . . . I think my record will now be 1-1 (this being my first loss, that is).
Tammy said…
Everyone is renting out their blogs except me, lol...I keep seeming to miss this stuff. Guess I'm just in my own lil' world.

Thanks for visiting me today via Michele, and thank you soooo much for your nice comments about my designs. You really made my day. :)
Marcia said…
I love seeing that people who claim to not care that much about politics still noticing that W is the worst president in a century... I worked for the D's in 2004 and have since moved to a red state... the idiocy I see here in regards to the presidency is horrendous!

Thanks for showing us a new good blog to visit!
No_Newz said…
Wonderful buddy of all buddies, if I add one more blog to my list of must reads, I'll never remove my arse from this chair. :)
Lois Lane
Oreo said…
That was just mean Utenzi....I'm crying kitty tears over here! Everybody else liked my song. :P
utenzi said…
Oreo, ask my girlfriend, cute little kitty--mean is nothing unusual for me. :-)

Lois, I do understand. I don't look over many political blogs either. There's two science blogs I hit most days that delve somewhat into politics and that's my main exposure for that type. Of course your blog is always my first stop!
Excellent choice for a renter. I really enjoy reading her posts!
Claire said…
I'll add her to my list and pay her a visit!
Ditsy Chick said…
I will have to go check her out. I usually don't care about politics, I find politics depressing. You are so nice about promoting your renters.
RenaRF said…
Utenzi!! Awesome. And you're doing an excellent job. Besides - I just rent from people I like. If people visit me in return, great - if not, I like the space I rent so that's good, too. ;-)

Lish said…
Being a bleeding heart myself, I'm sure I will enjoy her blog.

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