late afternoon at a lake

This past Saturday Renée and I took one of her dogs for a walk around a local lake.

This is Renée heading down the first hill. You can see that we've still got some color in the trees.

With all the rain this week most of those remaining leaves are probably on the ground now.

It's hard to tell in these pictures but we got off to a very late start and it was late afternoon and already starting to get dark.

This was the first time since I tore up my ankle that I'd covered any distance over uneven ground so I was a bit concerned that I might turn my ankle. Fortunately I did fine and even trotted along the trail a few times when I fell behind while taking pictures.

I took this picture as much to showcase the huge burl on the tree as to capture the lake and Renée.
The colors were beautiful to the eye but a little bland in the pictures so I cranked up the saturation a little. That gives this picture a slightly unearthly look.

Moe is hiding behind Renée--I think he was trying to get down to the lake but the bank was a little too steep right there.

Here's a picture just of the lake itself. The clouds being reflected in the water really made this shot stand out.

The water really photographed well that day and it was mostly due to the way the sky was being reflected.

At the far end o the lake you can see a bridge crossing the lake. That's where we were parked. By the time we got back there it was getting quite dark.

Here's a picture of Moe trying to get into the water. He wasn't after the ducks since they kinda scare him. He was just being rambunctious due to all that lovely water!

The picture looks kinda strange since it was almost completely dark and I had the camera at a very slow shutter speed. That's why Moe is blurred.

So that was our hike!


Peri said…
wow, beautiful pics. i kayaked when i lived on lake webster, MA for 9 months........ and I miss it so much.
you're so lucky!!

btw, Michele sent me
Teresa said…
Nice pictures -- as usual. That last one looks kind of like a painting. Interesting...
Plumkrazzee said…
Hi Utenzi, Michele sent me today. Beautiful pics, and no snow! I'm jealous!
Katie said…
Hello, Michele sent me!

Looks like you had a great time. I wish I could just relax out in nature. Too bad there's not much nature around me. *laugh*
No_Newz said…
Great photos! I'm glad you didn't hurt that ankle again. I don't think my eyeballs could take any more boo-boo pictures. ;)
It's my blog birthday tomorrow. I'm 1 year old. Please stop by for a slice of cake. :)
Have a great weekend!
Lois Lane
Ditsy Chick said…
Ahh, beautiful and wet NC, I miss that part of living there.
ribbiticus said…
it seems so peaceful and tranquil there. what lovely and picturesque trails! :)
Sandy said…
Lovely photos. Makes me miss the long hikes my husband and I used to take.

Here via Michele tonight.
Michelle said…
Beautiful photos Dave. Love the one with the ducks, quite effective :o)
panthergirl said…
Beautiful pics!! I love photographing people from the back, so that first one looks a lot like some of mine. So gorgeous. Way too cold for a hike here in NY today!!

Here via michele...

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