last day for P'girl

Today is the last full day that Marian, better know as Panthergirl, will have an ad over to the right. She has a very nicely designed blog, The Dog's Breakfast, as is apparent just looking at the small version on my border. Go look at her blog page and see what I mean.

Panthergirl has two blogs and her post on Wednesday reflected her other one, Adventures in Suburbia. Apparently she needs male volunteers regarding that post. I didn't want to know too many details about that sort of thing so you'd best check that out yourself if you're interested in volunteering.

This past week Marian only had 4 posts since she's been on a business trip but one of them, while being actually a repost from early in the year, is quite amusing since it features a picture of her from circa 1966. She'w wearing a polka dot pantsuit and is draped over the hood of a car. It's quite a sight. Earlier that day she also had a post with my favorite sister, "C", featured in a picture. She might be the 'black sheep' of Marian's family but she's still cute. Read the December 1 post if you want a little family history on that situation!

I'll be sad to see Marian disappear from my border. I'll have a new rental late on Sunday or maybe Monday and that'll be it for a while since what with Xmas and all I won't have the time to give any attention to a tenant--and that wouldn't be fair to them.

How many of you will be blogging right through Christmas? I'll be at my parent's place for a few days and they're on dial-up so I--being quite spoiled with my Roadrunner access--will probably only post once or twice in that 5 days. However I'll be taking lots of pictures which might keep everyone away from my blog for weeks to come!

After all, who wants to see boring picures of other folks' holidays?


Plumkrazzee said…
Michele sent me this morning, but I would have checked in anyhow. I don't mind seeing other people's pictures...I'm kind of nosey that way. =)
utenzi said…
From your picture it seems like a very cute nose, Plum.
I love seeing pictures of other people's holidays :) That could be because I love taking pictures and sharing my own.

Here via Michele's
Stacie said…
I will definitely be here to see the pics! I LOVE seeing other peoples pictures! Thanks for sharing Panthergirl with us...I added her to my blogroll. this is a great way to "meet" other people. I will be back to see who you introduce us to next! Stacie
Juggling Mother said…
Hi utenzi, Michele sent me your way today.

i will be blogging throughout Xmas, so long as I find some time. It will probably be the only way to get through the holidays sane:-)
JustSue said…
Hi there! Michele sent me...I will be blogging about all things Christmas all the way through December. I agree with Mrs may be the only sane way to get through the holidays!
Ditsy Chick said…
I am on dial-up at home. I hate it, but it is better than nothing. I suppose I will bring through Christmas, since I am addicted to blogging.
I'm a voyeur too! ;-) Bring on the pictures! I love seeing pictures from all my blogging favorites! (That definitely includes you)

May I re-iterate, you are the King of promoting your "Rent my blog" renters! :-)

Karen said…
Yes, I'll be off Christmas day and a few days afterwards but then, oh what blogging tales I'll tell!

Michele sent me.
ribbiticus said…
hey, i for one, wouldn't mind seeing holiday pics. :)
Teresa said…
You know I love seeing pictures! While you are expecting not to post much, I'm hoping to actually post a bit more... It's not hard to increase from almost nothing though. ;-)

Still have to get batteries, but if you post yours, I'll post mine!
Oreo said…
Bye Panthergirl!! Sorry to see you go. Yes, we will probably be blogging during Christmas, at the least we will do the Bible study. Have you been to see me today? I'm singing a song for everybody!
srp said…
Michele sent me. I like to see other Christmas pictures, places, decorations. Snow! Will be around through Chrismas.
Oreo said…
Hey Dave. Followed you home from Michelle's but Mom says I can't stay! TTYL.
kenju said…
I like to see boring photos of other people's holidays!

Michele sent me tonight.
Shelli said…
Okay, I thought I posted a comment about you stopping by my site, but I can't find it. So if this is a repeat, sorry!

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Come back again. I would love to see your photos. I especially like the one of your "favorite pet".
Trinity13 said…
I'll def be blogging through the holidays!!!

Btw, Michele sent me!
Lisa said…
ok, first of all, I LOVE seeing pictures! You can't chase us all away that easily :-)

I'll probably be blogging right through the holidays as well. I won't be leaving town and just get a short 3-day weekend, so I have plenty of time to waste!! :-)
panthergirl said…
Thanks for being such a great landlord! I just got back from my trip to Chicago (got stuck there due to the weather and cancelled flights). Thanks to you I had lots of visitors even while I was away!

Lots of catching up to do, and YES I'll be blogging through the holidays!
Aginoth said…
I'll be blogging through teh whole of yule.

michele sent me
Kat said…
I really need to get on this blog rental thing.

Can you provide the URL for Panthergirl's site? I've visited a bunch of times but apparently didn't bookmark! (Having some trouble with the links.)
David said…
ill be home for christmas and will blog until my fingers go blue
David said…
i went to panther girl - and I am back

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