kayaking pics

Here's a few pictures I took while kayaking on the morning of December 24.

I was out before dawn in subfreezing temperatures. This is the best time to get good pictures of fog moving across the water.

This picture is from a small inlet that I entered since I knew some geese and ducks stayed there. While on my way to find them, I saw this old dock and decided to take a picture of it also.

I like the look of the old weathered wood with the misty water. There's a sense of isolation and dilapidation here but also a feeling of being abandoned by the rest of the world.

It's very comforting, in a way, just sitting in the water and soaking up that feeling. But after a while it got too cold and I paddled off.

These two pictures are of the ducks I was looking for in that inlet that I mentioned above. The one on the right I took first. As you can tell by their casual attitude, they weren't aware of me yet.

In the picture to the left they didn't like my proximity and were scooting out of there. Since I didn't have my flash enabled, the low light levels forced a longish exposure time so the Canadian Geese are blurred.

The great thing about taking pictures of water fowl from a kayak is just how close you can get before they fly or swim away. As you can see from the second shot, I was only about 5 feet away when they took off.

This picture was taken later in the morning while the sun was just rising above the trees. The temperatures were still low which kept the fog close to the water but soon the sun's radiance would move the fog higher and then eliminate it entirely.

In this picture I was facing towards the sun but angled away to enable me to get the light scattering effect of the sun on the fog.


yaniv said…
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eph2810 said…
Wow - those pictures are cool :)
Sandy said…
Beautiful photos. I love the last one with the sun lit fog.

Michele sent me this morning.
Beautiful photo's....One gets such a feeling about a place from seeing pictures like this....eeiry and beautiful all at the same time...Love the ducks and geese, too...
Forgot to say I'm here from Michele's this morning!
I got soooo caught up in your photo's!
Chrixean said…
These pictures are great! Especially the one where the sun hits the fog. Looks like something out of a fantasy movie! Love it :-) I'm back from Michele's! Hope you had a good day!
kenju said…
Love the pics, Utenzi. The first one is great, and just as you described. Michele sent me this time.
JustSue said…
Wow Utenzi, I just love the last photo. It's beauty is ethereal.

Michele sent me.
utenzi said…
Thanks, Judy. I like old weathered wood so the dock was irresistable for me.

Chrixean, Thanks! Your pictures from your vacation are lovely also.

Old Old Lady & Sandy & Eph, Thanks!
~Cathy~ said…
Hi Utenzi! Michelle sent me!

Beautiful pictures... they make me feel at peace. I think the last one is my fave!
ribbiticus said…
hi utenzi! lovely photos. i particularly like the last one. it seems as though the lady of the lake may just appear at any second. lol! what a beautiful place to relax and think. :)

michele sent me over today.
Helen said…
Hello, this is Broken Record here. No, seriously, I have to tell you that the last photo there is absolutely gorgeous. Sorry I don't have a more original comment but it is really breathtaking.
Have a Happy New Year!
Michelle said…
Great photos, love the one with the sun on the fog :)
Michelle said…
David, because i don't use blogger comments i'm not too sure of the message i just recieved when commenting.....my comment didn't show up...."moderation"....are you scrutinising our comments before posting them? Or did i stuff something up LOL (more than likely)!!
Seawave said…
At the risk of being redundant, just wanted to add how beautiful these photos are, and your description of them really sets the mood. Thanks so much for sharing.
Oreo said…
Oh, lunch, I mean ducks.....great pictures!
Lish said…
I'm planning on taking a skulling class soon here in Austin. Then maybe I can learn from your photography skills and get some nice water shots.

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