ice storm

Here's a story that was running on the newswire today:

ATLANTA - Freezing rain and ice jolted the South on Thursday, closing schools, snarling traffic and knocking out power to about 300,000 customers from Atlanta to Charlotte, N.C.

The outages were caused by ice — up to half an inch thick — that formed on tree limbs and fell onto power lines. About 190,000 were reported without power in western North Carolina and South Carolina's upstate, 57,000 in the Atlanta area and nearly 50,000 across parts of northeast Georgia.

Ten school systems were closed in Georgia and more than a dozen closed in North Carolina, where mountain communities in the western part of the state were told to expect 1 to 3 inches of snow and sleet.

The weather also caused delays of more than an hour at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Forecasters expected the temperatures to increase above freezing across much of the region by Thursday afternoon, but then dip back into the 20s overnight.

Here where I live in Eastern NC we had freezing rain and a slight dip in temperatures around dawn which froze water on trees and powerlines but it wasn't as bad as for the folk south and west of us. Isolated power outages and some bad driving but that's about it here.

The pictures here are from an ice storm we had in December of 2002.

3 years ago we had it much worse. That time much of the area was without electricity for 3 days and some places for as long as 10 days. I had no power for 7 days. Fortunately I was still living in an apartment then. Since then I've bought a house out in the boonies My house is on a well so not having electricity would mean no running water and that's a pain in the butt.

Right now I'm doing a drug treatment experiment that requires harvesting flasks of cells every 8 or 16 hours so I need to be here at odd times. I really hope that the weather doesn't get any worse since if it looks like I won't be able to drive on the roads, I'll have to sleep here . Science--a hard taskmaster! LOL


No_Newz said…
It is so pretty... as long as you don't have to drive on the icy roads. Be safe and click away shutterbug!
Lois Lane
P.S. (re: my post today) Got any good recipes for Cream of Meow Meow?
Ditsy Chick said…
I lived through this ice storm in 2002! We lost power and everything in our fridge. I think the ice is beautiful, but I do not miss the storms. I am glad I am not there everytime I hear of a new storm.
netchick said…
...All I can say is, Dave: Thank God I live in Vancouver, where it *never* gets below -10°C, which is I guess about 25°F

It's sooo beautiful here today -- Go look at the webcam on my site (click on it to reveal the high res photo)
Aginoth said…
Stunning picture at the start of the blog Utenzi
kenju said…
Hopefully it will stay warm enough that it doesn't freeze.

I remember that ice storm; we had no water,no electricity, nor could we flush toilets. UGH!
Ciera said…
eek! we're getting snow...and we released school early too.
Tara said…
Pretty pics, but I'm glad I'm not there, lol. Of course, we are getting a storm tonight and tomorrow, so I shouldn't jinx myself. By the end, we whould have about 35 cm (about 9.5 inches) of snow. I just sent my husband out to get gas for the snowblower, lol.
Oreo said…
Looks like our backyard right now. We had no phone for most of the day. Blech!
Ice is a bitch, but it does look awesome, doesn't it? Nice pictures.

I thought all the ice was going to be south of us and we would just have snow, but I had to drive through some awful freezing rain today. :-(
Lish said…
Those are really cool pics. I guess I overreacted to our weather last week, but, in my defense, we don't have alot of icestorms in central Texas.
Diane Mandy said…
The weathermen got it right this time... boo!!!! I was snow. I want a foot of it, on a Monday, before I have to go to work. Is that too much to ask?
What a nightmare of weqather, but it produced GORGEOUS PHOTO'S!!!
I cannot believe that I use to liver in this kind of weather..ikt was eons ago, but you never forget, do you...Hope you don't have to sleep there...!

Here from Michele, tonight! And OH so Happy To Be Able To Say That!!!
Sandy said…
How can something so dangerous to get around on be so darn beautiful. Lovely photos. Hope things got better and you got to sleep at home tonight.

Michele sent me.
~A~ said…
Came from Michele's.

Awesome ice pictures. Just beautiful.
Chrixean said…
Wow, must be freezing like anything there! Nice pic, though! :-)

here from Michele's!
Lisa said…
beautiful pictures, although I know its dangerous with those kinds of conditions. Be careful out there!!!!
Juggling Mother said…
Fantastic pictures.

Haven't you learned about putting your power lines under ground yet? Then the trees don't knock out the power!
Michelle said…
Ok, now it's photos like this that maks me glad i will be relaxing by my pool with a nice glass of red :)
Ciera said…
It is so pretty out this morning! Ice and snow. I'm actually amaszed we have electricity here.
Gorgeous pictures Utenzi. Although I can't help thinking, "No thanks." Too dang COLD! ;-)

utenzi said…
3T, thanks. I agree about the cold. Brrr!

Ciera, I'm glad you have electricity. Be careful if you're on bus duty this week.

Michelle, thanks--why don't you rub it in, huh? I'll just try to imagine you sweltering without a/c!

Mrs A, most of the power lines around here are underground but not all.

Lisa, thanks! I'll try to be careful.
kenju said…
Utenzi, I guess all of us Bloggers are glad we aren't on Typepad today, huh? Three of my favorites are showing last Friday's posts only. What the heck happened there?
Oreo said…
Oh Utenzi, you have not heard? I am an addict, I CAN NOT stop!! Regardless what my brain looks like. :)
Stacie said…
Gorgeous pics of the ice storm...glad it was an old one and not causing havoc right now. Stacie
Trinity13 said…
Wow, those are some incredible pics!!! I especially love the first one!

Btw, Michele sent me tonight.
Carmi said…
Hi Utenzi. It's nice to know great folks like you are braving the weather so that the cures of tomorrow will be there when we need 'em. Drive safe, mon ami.
kenju said…
Guess you had not trouble getting back and forth, huh? Maybe tomorrow won't be as easy, since we may have something wet and cold overnight.

Michele sent me this time.
colleen said…
Ha! The name of my post today is "Ice Ice Baby." Some people cross country ski, I use my sled to get to the mailbox! Hello from michele's.
Nice to be back and see these GREAT ice pictures this A.M. from Michele...still think these are great pictures of icy icy things....Amazing, actually.
lisa said…
Hi! Michele sent me today. But I like to come here anyway, you know. Nice pictures again. When dealt an ice storm, make lemon aid, right?
Marcia said…
That first ice picture absolutely took my breath away. In a strange way I miss the ice storms that we had in my hometown now that I'm in a city that doesn't get them. They're so beautiful (especially if you don't have to go out in them!)
utenzi said…
I think OOL of the Hills is hinting I need a new post. No doubt she's right.

Hi Lisa! It's always great to see you and your manifesto.

Colleen, that's a nice post about ice. Your dog, Jazz, looks a lot like my girlfriend's dog, Moe.

Judy, yep. We've got that snow coming, dammit. I'd best get all my Xmas shopping done this evening but first there's a dog to plant in the ground--and then the UNC game on tv--then the shopping.
No_Newz said…
Psst.. come open your present.
WendyWings said…
Here I sit in the summer weather eating strawberries for Christmas :)
Michele sent me today.

( by the way I deleted my account at Blog Explosion so I can't vote for you anymore in BOTB sorry !)
Ciera said…
Driving bus is always an adventure...even in good weather! :)
Anonymouse said…
These pictures are beautiful! I especially LOVE the second one! Beautiful post, Utenzi!

Happy Holidays!
Tammy said…
Brrrr...I got cold just looking at those pictures.

We lived in Vermont back in the late '90s, when there was a huge icestorm. No power from parts of Canada on down. We lived outside of Burlington and had no power for 3 days. In January. It was cooolllddddd!

Michele sent me!
Jessica said…
Here via Michelle... I remember an ice storm back in the 80's when I was about 6 or 7. I thought it was pretty cool. My friends and I took feed sacks and slid down the banks of the pond and the hills in the cattle pastures.. That memory really makes me sound like a redneck... I can't help it, I was raised in Oklahoma.. Blame the parents..
Courtney said…
Something dangerous and beautiful at the same time.
Here via Michele today.

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