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Blogger was apparently down for quite a while today. I never saw anything online about it beforehand and a quick search across the web now didn't come up with anything. Oh, well. The worst that happened to me is that I lost a few contests on Blog Explosion due to folk not being able to pull up my blog.

As you might expect a lot less people cruised by my blog as a result of the downage time. According to Statcounter I was off nearly 40% today. I expect that's true for most people with Blogger.

How did y'all fare? Most of the people that frequent my blog come in from other Blogger sites so this affected most of you.


Erin said…
Other than being highly irritated that I couldn't read any blogs, I fared fine. But, then again, I didn't realize it was off until this evening. Hate when it does that!
utenzi said…
I hate it too, Erin. We should form a club!
Teresa said…
I didn't get to checking it until tonight and didn't immediately realize it was blogger's problem. I thought it was my computer being funky again. I'm sorry your stats were off because of it.
Michelle said…
I received emails from blog buddies releasing their frustrations re blogger! You were not alone :)
utenzi said…
Teresa & Michelle, thanks for your support! Everytime I use that phrase I think of those old Bartles & James commercials here in the USA. For anyone that never saw the commercials--they were for wine coolers back in the early 80s.
It really ticked me off too! I haven't been blogging for days, and yesterday was my chance to catch up with everyone. Well everyone accept for Blogger blogs.

Glad it's back working. :-)

WendyWings said…
It was totally annoying it crashed about 3 seconds after I posted something.
I had to start my 24 hour countdown all over again when it finally came back up.
MuppetLord said…
It was a pain. I don't know if there is anything on the Blogger page about it yet.
cmmdtp said…
bummer...I was in a battle of the blogs...and lost because no one could see my blog.

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