We're coming to the end of another yet. 2005 isn't going to be with us much longer. One of the harbingers of a New Year, Time's person of the year, has been awarded and this time to 3 people. Bono of U2, and Bill and Melinda Gates of Microsoft fame.

Interesting choices. Bono has been committed to helping others for a long time whereas the Gates have come into philanthropy just recently. However due to their immense wealth, the Gates will help tens of thousands, maybe even millions of people. Already using the Gates Foundation, their charitable organization, they've donated $24 billion to charity. That's a staggering amount of wealth.

Here in the US 2005 will probably be most remembered due to a series of natural disasters, often made somewhat worse by human ineptitude, both here in the USA and abroad. Katrina is foremost in my mind but that hurricane had plenty of company. The earthquake at Kashmir killed nearly 100,000 people. All in all, Mother Nature showed us she's always a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully we'll never have to deal again with a disaster as bad as the tsunami that hit Asia 50 weeks ago, but you never know.

Domestic politics was the usual bumbling that we've become accustomed to. Ideology putting blinders on men and women who determine our fate. It's not a comfortable feeling knowing that reality only occasionally gets noticed in those neocon ranks.

I'll have another post or two about 2005 in the next two weeks as the year runs down. Feel free to add your thoughts to mine. I think I'll go read a few more chapters in a book before going to bed. Sleep tight all of you...


Michelle said…
Mother nature certainly has become more furious over the last 12 months. I hope hse calms down a little in the next 12 months.
poopie said…
Yep...I think the neocons are gettin' coal in their stockings ;)
No_Newz said…
I have no thoughts on this year. Just waiting patiently for this new year to bring out some good stuff. :)
Lois Lane
Claire said…
Interesting choices for people of the year! I'm in the process of planning my new year posts...planning being a very sketchy idea!
Teresa said…
2005 was definitely a year of wacky weather, political frustration and bizarre celebrity happenings. I often wonder how they choose a person of the year. I'm not sure that I could do it in a global way. I could perhaps choose my person of the year, but it would be meaningly to most.

For some reason, the ending of a year causes me to reflect on other years rather than the one just completed. I suppose I need the distance to truly appreciate how a particular year went. Maybe it's like a book and though I may like or dislike what's happening currently, I'm waiting to see how it affects the future (or end of the book).

2005 was a wonderous year for me, I think. The good and the bad, the accidental and purposeful, the coercion and acquiescence, the ups and the downs... I can't say I'm better off than when 2005 began, but I'm at peace with it all. It's all part of the journey.
Lish said…
2005 seems to have flown by. BTW, you are a nice guy Utenzi!
utenzi said…
Lish, not me. Really.

Teresa, peace is good though in your household it's unlikely!

Poopie, I'm with you on that but unfortunately those neocons seem to be getting very wealthy. No justice, huh?

Michelle, you said a mouthful. I hope it's a calm 2006 as well.
Ditsy Chick said…
I like this recap. I love that Bono and bill and Melinda Gates are people of the year. I admire people who do so much good in the world for such unselfish reasons.

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