to rent or not to rent

If you'll recall from yesterday, I was rejected in my initial attempt to rent space on another blog on Blog Explosion. So the obvious strategy is if you can't beat them, join them!

As you can see to the right, I'm attempting to rent out my blog. I am now a blog ho. I've not decided if I feel cheapened yet but Hell, I've always known I could be bought for the right price so mentally I should be able to adjust! LOL

Did anyone out there catch the recent episode of Lost? I thought it was pretty interesting--especially the comment that the people that were taken were the good ones. That both dovetails with some of the first season at the same time it contradicts it. No doubt the statement isn't backwards compatible with the first season since I suspect they'd not planned quite this far ahead.

Locke's belief that the Island is a transition area for working out the issues holding them back spiritually kinda works but the fact that almost nobody from their group had been taken away seems odd since the tail group lost 11 members--almost 12--to the kidnappings.

Going back another day, Commander in Chief was a very packed episode. For some reason my girlfriend's (yes, the banner is for her--it's accurate too) DVR didn't record that episode and I was telling her about the major plot changes and it took me a good 10 minutes. Now that Mac (President Allen to you!) has something to hold over Nathan Templeton things might shift a bit--esp since his chief aide seems to be out of the picture. Maybe.


Mona said…
I love Commander in Chief. First time I've been interested in politics.

... all this time I thought you were female :/
Thumper said…
The whole only good people were taken kind of fits in with the theory floating around that the Island is purgatory, and those stuck there are in transition.

I like that idea...and the one that t's all one giant experiment. But I try to not think about it too hard, or my brain hurts.

Here via Michele's tonight :)
utenzi said…
Mona!?! I am cut to the quick. LOL

Thumper, I know what you mean. I had a lot more fun with theories about Lost during the first half of last season. Now it's just getting too complicated!
Zachary said…
I myself have never really watche dlost except for a few episodes here and there with my boyrfriend. but he on the other hand is obsessed with the show

oh by the way michelle sent me!
jane said…
LOL I love it! A blog ho. Well dear, if there's any kind of a ho to be, a blog ho'ing it is! Best of luck on being a renter or rentee.

Michele sent me :)
mar said…
I haven't watched Lost... so I feel like that :D ! I have seen that blog renting but I do not know how it works. I will follow your experience just out of curiosity. You are at the right end now!
mar said…
Oh, and Michele sent me back again. It's 7:40 am around here.
Tara said…
Lost is killing me. The suspense of it. Ok, did anyone else notice this....
when the two (was in Jin and Michael? I can't remember) were hiding in the bushes and the "others" walked by, it was very Flinstone-y in that the same pairs of legs walked by twice...was that on purpose, or did they run out of extras that day?
I need to get out more.
utenzi said…
Tara, I didn't notice the same legs walking by twice. Interesting. I suspect it was a lack of an extra--but with that show you never know. I doubt it was meaningful but they might have done it on purpose just to see how many people would notice.

Mar, I'll keep updating on the renting process. I have one offer so far and it's from a blog I like.
kenju said…
I noticed the legs too! Lost is my favorite show, but I try not to go overboard with the theories of what is happening and why they are there. I just like to see it unfold.

Never watched the prez, but probably will in re-runs.

Michele sent me this a.m.
craziequeen said…
You're a blog ho?


I'm a blogpimp :-)

Michele sent me this time :-)
Tara said…
Totally off-topic, but...I was just blog snooping here and you have the cutest darn house! I love it!
Here from Michele's this time!
Diane Mandy said…
Please, please don't post about Lost. Or at least post a discalimer for all of us who are still in season one. I'm doing via DVD and am totally, totally addicted. :-)

After reading your lost few posts, I am thinking of devote more time to trying to increase my traffic on my own blog. I haven't really even bothered. So, any suggestions? How much time do you spend blogging or in related endeavors. I'm curious.
Dave said…
I'd be willing to rent my blog. Just waiting for a big envelope of cash to show up in my mailbox.
Chatty said…
God, I love Lost!

Michele sent me.
WendyWings said…
Still waiting for Season two to actually start here in NZ.
Michele sent me :)
Carmi said…
Hi Utenzi. I'm back from Michele's - after the long, dangerous cycle home. I think I'm more stupid than brave, but whatever the case I will still ride as long as the roads are passable. Temperature doesn't scare me: ice does.

I'm glad you're sticking with the renting thing. I really ought to give it a try've inspired me.
Maggie said…
When did Gina Acquire those plump lips
Michele sent me
panthergirl said…
I watch Lost once in awhile, and I'm going to post my prediction for the season finale one of these days. Just to have a record of having said it first. :)

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