The following is the Nielsen numbers for the first week of November

Top broadcast shows (Rank/Season avg/Show title/Network/Viewers in millions)
1. 1 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CBS 28.7
2. 2 Desperate Housewives ABC 23.9
3. 3 Without a Trace CBS 20.4
4. 8 Survivor: Guatemala CBS 18.3
5. 4 Grey's Anatomy ABC 18.1
5. 9 NCIS CBS 18.1
7. 16 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ABC 17.7
8. 12 Cold Case CBS 16.6
9. 10 NFL Monday Night Football ABC 16.5
10. 19 Criminal Minds CBS 16.2
11. 12 CSI: New York CBS 15.7
12. 15 60 Minutes CBS 15.6
13. 11 Law & Order: SVU NBC 15.2
14. 17 NFL National Post Game CBS 15.1
15. 8 Commander in Chief ABC 14.6
16. 40 CBS Sunday: Category 7 - Part I CBS 14.3
16. 17 ER NBC 14.3
16. 26 Law & Order: Criminal Intent NBC 14.3
19. 24 House Fox 13.4
20. 5 CSI: Miami CBS 13.3

Do you watch any of the shows? I watched the ones in <bold>. I like a few of the new shows this year but my favorite shows are ones from years past. I like NCIS and CSI: Miami the most though West Wing is looking better this year. The race between Alan Alda and Jimmy Smit is interesting.

Veronica Mars has had a great start for a new plot since they really capped off their one from last season in that final episode. Maybe Lost could take a lesson from that: finish a season at the end of the year! Of course at this point I wonder if they'll ever show something new on Lost at all!

The first week of the new shows I absolutely loved How I Met Your Mother but it hasn't had a really good episode since. A lot of wasted potential! I've been surprised by how much I like Invasion. My Name is Earl is low key but pretty good. I liked toight's episode since it did homage to one of the best movies of all time. Smokey and the Bandit. For some odd reason my girlfriend hates that movie. LOL Sally Field and fast cars--what's not to love?

I have to go take my turkey out of the oven now. It's been roasting for almost 4 hours...


Teresa said…
I watch a few of these:

2. 2 Desperate Housewives (though not as good as last year, it's still good)
4. 8 Survivor: Guatemala CBS (not really keeping my attention, but it's a habit I can't break)
5. 4 Grey's Anatomy ABC (more because it's after DH, but it's not a bad show. I just don't get upset when I forget to record it)
16. 17 ER NBC (also mostly out of habit -- it's not the show it once was)

I also watch West Wing, though I'm a few episodes behind again. And I watch My Name is Earl; I agree with your assessment.

Otherwise, I love Out of Practice and watch Twins, Related and Reunion. I've also got Everwood recorded for later watching (probably after the sweeps period ends -- I watched the last 7 or 8 episodes of last season over the summer. I love the show, but can't seem to fit it into my schedule)
Aaron said…
I don't have reception or cable, but I try to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent whenever I can. It's pretty much the only network show that I'm interested in.
Tara said…
I watch the CSIs, but I realy hate the Miami one. The characters are so annoying. It's like a train crash, though.
I also watch ER, still like it. Grey's Anatomy is a riot, I love it.
Survivor, of course. I haven't missed one yet.
I like Commander in Cheif, but usually end up missing it.
I also watch Supernatural, but that's more for the cute boys than the actual show. So sue me, I don't get out much.
Good luck on your turkey!
utenzi said…
Tara, we're opposites on the CSI. I absolutely can't stand anyone on the original Las Vegas show and don't like the NY ones much. It's weird that the actors on that one mean so much to me since many shows I watch despite the acting talent.

I've never seen Grey's Anatomy but suspect I'd like it should I start watching. As for the turkey--it's quite good. Of course since it's a year old, I might find out tomorrow that I have regrets... as I'm poised over the toilet heaving away. Ick!

Aaron, grad school or not, if I don't have cable I just don't want to live! LOL Actually I never had cable when I was in school either.

Teresa, I don't even know what Twins is. And Reality TV is bad for you! (except Amazing Race, of course)
Lisa said…
The only one I watch regularly on that list any more is Survivor. I used to watch a lot of them, but have tried to cut back on my TV time.

However, I'm still obsessed with "Lost", which isn't even on the list. (probably because its been in reruns the past 3 weeks)
Michelle said…
I'm an NCIS fan. Of course i watch all the law and orders. I love Lost but loathed the ending of the first series. The second doesn't start here till after xmas. I HATE HATE HATE Survivor...every single one of them!
Yaeli said…
Yay for turkey!!! :o)
I watch CSI, Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, Cold Case and Law and Order: SVU. Unfortunately we are a season or two behind you guys here and TV shows keep getting chopped and changed... but lately it seems like we've been getting less and less homegrown TV and more OS stuff, which isn't necessarily a great thing.

I've never really understood the whole Nielsen System that you guys have, but I remember watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon once and Bugs was talking about it. (Ok, I sound crazy now.)

Erin said…
I watch House and ER. That's it from the list!

I prefer a few things only available on cable anyway: Mythbusters, Miami Ink, Discovery Health shows.

I can't getinto TV as much as I used to!
Tara said…
Oh, ya, Mythbusters is great, too! I watch it with my 11 yr old.

Utenzi, Twins is a new sitcom with Melanie Griffith and Sara Gilbert. It's not real intelligent, but my family watches it anyway, mostly because I have looked almost identical to Sara Gilbert since her early days on Rosanne. They think it's a riot. "Look Mom, your on TV again!" Hardy har har.
Anonymous said…
We are a Nielson family, but I watch very few of the top rated shows. I watch no reality shows, no major network comedies, and no medical dramas. I bet my viewing habits drive the Nielsen people nuts. I watch BBCA, The History Channel, PBS, old B/W movies, and Nascar races. My tastes are, to put it mildly, diverse.
utenzi said…
Tara, you must look sexy as Hell then. I've seen pictures of your kids but not you on your site but I've never looked in your archives which is probably why.

Gilbert had this interesting vibe... her sister on the show I didn't like at all though. Well, not the first one. The replacement--the one that's on Scrubs now--I thought was sexy in an innocent but slutty way. Guys' minds are such an interesting place!

Erin, I've never seen any of those cable shows. Other than some Food Network and H&G shows I don't watch much cable, mostly just the main networks.

Yaeli, you don't sound crazy, dear. We all love Bugs Bunny.
No_Newz said…
I love Smokey and the Bandit! So do the kids. It lost nothing in the generation gap.
CSI and Law and Order are the shows I've just started watching. I put the reruns on to fall asleep to. USA plays them until 3 a.m.ish.
Lois Lane
Ciera said…
Sadly {?} I can't afford cable, so I don't have "tv". I watch a lot of vcr tapes, though...I used to watch CSI and Without a Trace when I lived at home with Mom. Sometimes I miss tv.

How's your novel going?
kenju said…
I watch #'s 2,4,5,and 12, as well as Lost. I tried to get into the Amazing Race, but the season I watched there was a couple and the guy was so mean to her and verbally abusive that it turned me off completely.
Stacey said…
I don't really watch t.v. But if the t.v. happens to be on in my house and Cold Case is on, I'll watch it. It's a pretty good show. Well, I take it back... I do watch a little bit of t.v. since the Rome series started about three months ago on HBO. It comes on every Sunday night. I love it!

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