mona lisa of the NC piedmont

This picture was taken from a few inches in front of my girlfriend's face. She insisted I mention this because she didn't want anyone to think that her nose was really this big.

This picture wasn't sweetened or changed in any way from the original camera shot but as the comment above indicates, that doesn't mean it's an accurate depiction.

So much in a pictures depends on circumstances that the viewer might not know about. Like how close the lens was to my girlfriend's face when I took the shot. That short focal length of close features like her nose made them dramatically overemphasized compared to the relatively more distant eyes.

Another factor was the environment. As you can see to the left, we were outside on the porch when that close face shot was taken. This was on Thanksgiving day and Barney had made the atmosphere in the house temporarily uninhabitable so we braved the cold air--just above freezing--and high winds for 10 minutes or so. As a result her face was reddened from the cold and wind.

...and yet there's that beguiling smile that sets the tone for the whole face.


Mona said…
Also, it's true about the camera adding 10 lbs. The wider the lens is the more lbs the person gains.

For your readers in laymans terms: the lens widen or stretches the subject ever so slightly and distort everything on the frame.
No_Newz said…
Near or far, she is a purdy one! The closeups always remind me of being a little kid and looking into a glass Christmas ornament. :)
Lois Lane
Ditsy Chick said…
It surprises me she let you put the picture on the net. Most women would not. She has beautiful eyes and in the top photo they look enormous.
She does have a Mona Lisa smile in that top close-up pic. as well as beautiful, kind eyes.

I have found all of your observations on photography to be true as well. This is also why I keep my uhhh, back end as far from the camera lense as is possible! ;-)

utenzi said…
Teri, thanks for the compliment. You--from the pictures I've seen--have nothing to worry about from the camera.

D Chick, was I supposed to ask her permission? Oops! I might be in the doggie house with Barney....

Lois, you're so sweet. I'll behave about the spelling. Maybe.

Mona, are you related to Mona Lisa?
netchick said…
Heya (Uten)zi!

I love the first shot... It's beautiful. You've got a good eye, as I've raved before.

I like to be the one taking the shots too, because I'm so darn picky with camera angles. I'm surprised, actually, that I posted those photos from last weekend (for so many reasons, as are glaringly obvious) -- Sometimes ya just gotta post them anyhow.

Isn't it interesting how much more interesting blog entries are with photos added? We are such visual creatures.

I think you should post more with you in FRONT of the camera!
Claire said…
I think it's a lovely picture, there is always something so real and beautiful about close up shots like this.
utenzi said…
Thanks, Tan(ya). I suppose I should just use Tan like you prefer--but I really like the name Tanya.

I'm not sure of the pictures of me right now. Renée took a few when we hiked around a lake on Saturday and my belly was HUGE. I have got to lose some weight--but there's so much damn food I want to eat first. LOL A diet is going to be a problem!
pia said…
Diets are always a problem, but with digital cameras very much a necessity

Michele sent me ;-)
HEY! Sorry I won!
Michelle said…
Cool close up, clarity is great :)
Diane Mandy said…
Awwwww... you're so sweet. And I think the photo is fabulous!
Yaeli said…
She's so pretty Utenzi! I'm all jealous now! :o) And she's got great skin!!!
Teresa said…
She does have gorgeous eyes. I think they draw you away from the nose. She's got nothing to worry about in that regard.

As for the weight... well, wait until after the holidays. Dieting when being tempted is hard. You can join in on a walking challenge that I've sort of become involved in starting in January. Movement helps, Dave.
Marie said…
Mona Lisa wants Utenzi! ;-)
utenzi said…
Marie needs a valid URL for me to answer her. :-D
Well, no matter what she says, she's a friendly, very attractive person! As a photographer, oh boy, the camera is more unforgiving than ...well you descrived it well.
P.S. LOVE her eyes! :)
Peri said…
pretty eyes!!

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