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This is today's strip of PreTeena a comic written and inked by Allison Barrows. It's been around since 2001 though I just started reading it early this year.

This is the younger of the two daughters that the strip centers on. I like her attitude towards candy. I never outgrew my love of sugar and I view the day after Halloween as one of the big holidays of the year. I rarely buy less than 20 pounds of candy (on clearance) and this year was no exception! The only bad thing was that none of the stores I went to had any Smarties left. I really like Smarties. *sigh* But at least I got a lot of chocolate to help drown my sorrows. :-)


Yaeli said…
I love Smarties!!! They are so yummy. I also love M&M's and Hersheys Kisses and Haribo sweets!
20 pounds of candy is A LOT!!! That's like, 10 kilos!!
You don't need so much sugar Ut. You're sweet enough as you are. :o)
Michele sent me this time.
Barbara said…
I love Halloween too. I've also never lost my sweet tooth. I wish my son would hide his candy.
sophie said…
Yum......Smarties......I just picked up a bag today.
WendyWings said…
We don't really have Halloween here, so I have never had to worry about buying 20 pounds of candy. !

Michele sent me :)
kenju said…
I like Smartis too, Utenzi, but I didn't buy any this year. Maybe I will go by K-mart tomorrow and see if they have any left. Pathetic, isn't it?
utenzi said…
I've given up on Michele's for a while. I got skipped 5 times today, 3 times in the last hour or so of the day. Pretty bad kharma.
mar said…
awww, Utenzi, cheer up! Can't believe you buy some 10 kilos worth of candy! are they gone before Xmas? do you share? I definitely have an eating disorder, I go on very little sugar.
Michelle said…
I love that kids attitude! I eat smarties nekkid if i could!
utenzi said…
Michelle, I'm sure not going to stop you! That's a post I most definitely want to see. :-D

Mar, I'm not the greatest at sharing but you could always visit and see if you could wrest any candy from me.
No_Newz said…
And why didn't you go trick or treating mister? You could pass for a kid. :)
Lois Lane
Ciera said…
I like smarties too....but I like chocolate more.
Claire said…
I love Smarties! Don't know if you guys have the same packaging as us but they've just changed ours after several decades of it being the same and it's just not right. I feel like a traitor to the original tubes to buy them in the new packaging!
Pearl said…
Hi Michele sent me.

Cute comic.

Chocolate is good. Like the mint Girl Guide cookies?

This Halloween none came home with me out of 3 boxes of chocolates and chips. My elftovers I distributed at my workplace and leftovers to the head office, at the veterinarian office to staff where I showed up in costume too, and the reminder to a friend for her grandkids. Halloween's a blast.
Maggie said…
I luv sugar but it is also my enemy.
Michele sent me.
Michelle Pessoa said…
20 pounds of candy??

Ouch! That's a bit much.

Michele said Hi!
Valderbar said…
No one came here.
Maybe because we are up so high?

I'd rather have salmon than smarties, but then my palate and tongue are different.

Michele sent me
panthergirl said…
I got a whole bagful of Smarties to give out because I DON'T like them! (they're just ok)

If I buy stuff I like, I'm tempted to start eating it before Halloween. For me, if it's not chocolate...I'm not interested!

Here via michele today!
Cute Comic! I love Halloween, the costumes, giving candy to the kids and of course begging some chocolate off my own kids to feed my habit, since I dont' buy chocolate to give out or there might be left-over temptation.

(I'm here by way of MaggiesFarm, a blogger I met early on in blogging, but I noticed we share about half of your blogroll!) No wonder your blogname sounds familiar. I've read your comments all over other places and enjoyed. (I'm one who reads the comment threads, too, not just the posts).
Now, I'm having a "need chocolate" attack, but my teen daughter did not go trick or treating this year lol.)

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