end of the week

It's an hour into Saturday. This was one long week. It seems that it felt that way to a lot of people I know. Just this afternoon around 4pm when I was meeting with my boss she was saying how much she was looking forward to some time off. She had surgery every day this week, even on her clinic days, whereas she normally operates just two days a week. She's not working next week at all--Thanksgiving-- though if anything interesting happens in the lab she wants me to Email her about it. While the lab work is just a sideline for her she's always very interested in what we're doing.

The fellow I work with has a new daughter, just 3 weeks old--and that means virtually no sleep. In addition one of the tumors we were working on just would not yield any quality RNA. The cells stained great, the lifts on the LCM worked fine--but even the first stage of the amplification sucked. Bummer. And on top of all that, his Mother-in-Law is visiting this week!

But the topper is my girlfriend. She started off the work week with a bang. *shudder* When she hit the kitchen in the morning, she found that one of her dogs had had diarrhea all over the floor. She didn't even bother to clean it up--she just opened the door to the deck and left for work. It was just too damn stinky to deal with in her work clothes.

Then, Tuesday night a major system--responsible for registration and billing--went down and her entire team had a call-in at 5am and it took them until 4pm on Wednesday to get it up and running. Sorta. That night, 3am on Thursday actually, they did a run through to make sure it wouldn't crash again. Those were 2 very long nights.


mar said…
Well, some people had a busy week and little sleep. Sorry to hear about your research and about your girlfriend's dog: that's another reason why I don't have any pets!. I like your new banner, good job. Visiting from Michele's today but I know my way already.
Teresa said…
Well, Dave, you only commented on what made it a long week for others. What's your story?

Your co-worker's mother-in-law visiting should be looked upon as a blessing, not a problem. Basically, she'll help his wife take care of the baby so that he doesn't have to help out as much at night when he needs the sleep. Now, if she's coming for an indefinite period of time there might be a problem....
Ciera said…

yeah - what made it long for you?
Lisa said…
Bleh! What a week! I think I would have done what your girlfriend did, but then I would have been a wreck all day, thinking about what awaited me at home. *gag*.

My week was weird... in some ways it really flew by, but it also felt like I did 2 weeks worth of work.

I think I'm looking for a new job. Anyone wanna hire me? At this point I'll do anything. :-)
kenju said…
I cannot imagine what your girlfriend met when she got back home. I think I would just lock up the house and leave it for good.

Michele sent me this time.

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