As you might notice, I put one of those cute (annoying?) banners in the corner of my blog. It was a little plain over there so I figured what the Hell.

Right now I've just got a quickie GIF there with the name of my blog. I didn't use Photoshop to make it and you can see the sides are a little ragged. I'll do a better one--maybe by the time you see this post it'll already have been done.

Anyone wanting advertising on that banner feel free to contact me. I'll give you the space for a few kisses if you're cute. (don't let my girlfriend know!)

I think I'll make the banner some other color when I redo it. Right now it's white and while that shows up well, I'm mostly doing this for looks not advertising... any suggestions? I can change it pretty quick by just FTPing the new GIF.


Teresa said…
LOL. I see nothing. Perhaps I'll have to try another browser. However, as you know, I'm easy to please, so I'm happy seeing nothing! :-)
Teresa said…
Okay... now I see it. Blue with really bright yellow writing. Hmmmm...

I love how you are never satisfied and always striving to do better. An intriguing quality!
Lora said…
Looks like you've already made changes to it and it looks good to me. I like the Yellow lettering.
utenzi said…
Teresa, there probably wasn't anything there when you first looked. I changed the GIF around 50 times. Each time I posted it I went back, made some changes, and then reposted it. The process was only taking me about 30-50 seconds so every minute there was something different there--and if you loaded right as I was deleting the old graphic you'd not see a thing there. My apologies!

Lora, yellow isn't normally a color I like to use--I'm more partial to cool blues and charcoal tones--but I wanted something there that would stand out a little.
guile said…
nice, cozy place you got here :)..

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