bedtime meme

Here's a meme I picked up from Michelle over at Lady Justitia. She got it from Green Eyed Lady.

  • How many pillows do you sleep with? there's generally 3 pillows

  • Do you sleep in the nude? always

  • Do you use a top sheet? always unless it's VERY hot

  • Do you fall asleep in front of the tv? occasionally, esp during baseball season

  • Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? LOL not in a very long time!

  • Do you sleepwalk? last time was when I was 19, 25 years ago

  • Do you wear socks to bed? never

  • Can you see in the dark? not in total dark, silly--but i see better than most people due to eyes that are very light sensitive. great at night but lousy in daylight

  • Do you eat in bed? pretty much every day

  • Do you have nightmares? not that i remember

  • Do you dream? not that i remember

  • Are you a normal, light or heavy sleeper? usually very light

  • Do you fantasize in your sleep? like dreams--not that i remember

  • What size is your bed? queen size

  • Do you snore? i do when i'm unusually tired

  • Do you braid your hair before bed? uhhhh.... i'm a boy. no

  • How many hours sleep do you average a night? until recently 4 but lately 5

  • Do you hug your pillow? when at first falling asleep--then we drift apart


mar said…
I just got up but I am feeling sleepy again looking at those nice pillows and that inviting duvet. I need twice as much sleep as you do!
utenzi said…
Good morning, Mar! The difference in our need for sleep probably isn't very big. I just can't get to sleep easily and once there--can't stay asleep as long as I need. 6.5 hours is what I'd like to get.
Oreo said…
Sorry you & your pillow are drifting apart Utenzi!!!
Diane Mandy said…
Maybe if you braided your hair before bed, it might help you get those extra hours. I'm a 5-6 hour person myself --not enough hair to braid, I'm afraid. But like you, I also sleep with three pillows.
No_Newz said…
You already know my answers from Gel's place. Quiver quiver. ;)
Lois Lane
Melanie said…
Your bed looks so comfy! Looks like we are on the same sleep schedule, too.
No_Newz said…
Also, I fixed ze boocoo ya big baby head!
Lois Lane
utenzi said…
Boucoup is just fine, Lois dear. You're so sweet. And now I have a new nickname. Thanks! Plus good quivers. :-)

Melanie, thanks but your praise is undeserved. That's just a bed from a web search. My bed is nice enough, I guess, but my room is far more cluttered.

Diane, we 3-pillowers need to stick together. On the other hand, that might not be the best way to phrase that...

Oreo, we both know that you, as a cat, couldn't care less how we humans sleep. All you want is food and a face to sit on when you want us awake to feed you. That fur in the teeth is so annoying, Oreo.
Aginoth said…
another meme for me to store for future use :o)
Michelle said…
Enjoyed peeking into your bedroom!
sophie said…
For me it's a king size bed, 2 pillows, and one bear (yes--I know I am too old for a bear).

I think I need a nap now.
Quivering David,
I'm so glad you enjoyed the Bedtime meme which sprung from this insomniac! I've long seen your comments on Lois' and MIchelle's blogs, 2 blogs I frequent regularly.

I have some suggestions to bring you and your pillow closer, but I fear I don't know you well enough to make them.
Yaeli said…
Well you learn something new every day!!! Unfortunately we'll never be able to be together sweet Utenzi. I don't think I could ever commit to a man who can function on only 4 - 5 hours sleep. That's not normal!!!
utenzi said…
Yaeli, ha! The 5 hours sleep is for well-rested, if you just want functional then 3 hours a night will do for a week or two before I really need to get more.

GEL, feel perfectly free to make any suggestion you want.

Sophie, you need to rest up for your upcoming wedding and honeymoon!
Blond Girl said…
I loved this one so much that I kyped it immediatly. It is now posted on my blog and then I came back to comment.

I tried sleeping in the nude once, but I was so self conscience I had to get up and put jammies on....

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