short meme

Here's a short little meme that I found over on Liz's Library Tavern blog.

1. Have you ever been to the emergency room?

A number of times. Once due to difficulty in breathing due to my throat swelling up. That's a cute story of how silly I can be. So I have no plans on sharing it! But usually sports injuries, often involving cars and bicycles. Bikes rarely ever win!

2. What's the worst pain you've ever had?

Kidney stones. I had them once but from what I've heard it was a pretty mild case. Short lived but very intense. I can see why it's compared to child birth. After that would be migraines. Mine are usually triggered by sinus headaches though once in a while loud noises will do it.

3. If you could choose your doctor, do you prefer someone of the same or opposite sex?

I prefer women and prefer DOs rather than MDs.

4. Do you take vitamins?

Never but I really should start.

5. Would you prefer to go to the doctor, the dentist or go sky diving?

I've not seen a doctor in something like a decade, and it'd take someone with a real big gun to get me jump out of a plane so I guess it'll have to be the dentist by default. I've seen one of them in the past decade. I really don't like dealing with health issues.


Carol said…
Hi Utenzi,
I would prefer not to think about pain and dentists right now, it might keep me up.
Have a good weekend.
Michele sent me tonight.
Teresa said…
1. One trip to the emergency room. I passed out doing a voice exercise and it was determined that wasn't normal so they sent me to the ER. The doctor there was annoyed that I was there. Just one odd event in my life...

2. Childbirth was pretty painful, but I think I'd say a sinus infection I had ranks highest. I literally had to have my head lower than my body to have any relief and that was just a small amount better.

3. Both sexes have their annoyances. Women tend to be more bossy, but men don't always understand some things.

4. No vitamins at the moment. Some of them seem to make me feel worse, but I know I should take some supplements. Which ones are for another topic. ;-)

5. My preference would be the doctor. I've got a slight problem with heights, so I don't see me jumping out of a plane (though I suspect I would do it if I had to) and my claustrophobia sets in when I'm crowded by the dentist and hygenist and assistant etc at the dentist. That leaves the doctor and since I stopped running away from needles years ago, I could probably manage a visit.
Oreo said…
Thanks for coming to tell me happy birthday!!
Claire said…
Very cool meme, not one I've seen before!!

I'd choose the sky diving, done it once and loved it. Not something I can say about either the doctor or dentist!

By the way what's the difference between a DO and MD? We have MD's here but I've never heard the term DO before!
Lisa M said…
My Dr. is a woman. Dr. Quinn. But don't call her "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman", she really hates that.

It is impossible to find her office phone number on the internet.
utenzi said…
Claire, DO is for Doctor of Osteopathy. Different type of medical school. Often a little easier to get in and they teach a more integrated approach to health care.
mommy d said…
You better take your vitamins so you can stay away from the doctors! Have a great night! Here from Michele's again! It is always nice to visit.
Michelle said…
Hello Utenzi! Here via Michele tonight. I like this meme. Have a great weekend
Lisa M said…
A combination of forces transpired which caused an inspiration. And you were part of those combined inspirational forces. I think you should be proud of that Utenzi. (Yes, of course I am biased.)

And besides, you never want to upset revolutionaries if you can avoid it, so use that as your excuse.

Or think up another one, it makes no difference to us.
Pieces of Me said…
Hey!! great meme!! Here from Michele's! TTYL
MissMeliss said…
I'm here via Michele this evening, but meant to visit anyway since you've left a couple comments that I've (rudely) not responded to.

Kidney stones are the worst - I've been through it. And I still don't drink enough water. You'd think I'd learn.

Love the spider image below. Was that an argiope (orb weaver/writing spider)?
Trinity13 said…
I love the meme. Since I'm always looking for new ones, I might have to steal this one...heehee!

Btw, Michele sent me!!!
rashbre said…
1 Casualty once, when I broke my leg (don't ask).
2 Tooth probably, or above.
3 No preference
4 No
5 Medical things can be primal, but I suppose jumping into the sky has some similarities.

When I first saw this quiz, I was going to jump it (medical etc) but its worth the pause to think.

Thaleia said…
Oh Kidney Stones, yes the pain is very similar to giving birth... both hurt like h*ll ... only with birth you forget the pain much easier :)

Here via Michele
Lish said…
I hate the dentist. I don't really care to go to the doctor either, which is why I had bronchitis for 2 weeks and didn't know it.

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