I've been hearing on the news a lot about how expensive it's going to be to heat our houses here in the US this winter. They're telling us that costs will be up 30% or more, some estimates are 50%! And this is on top of a summer that was VERY hot--much warmer than usual with resulting higher than usual energy costs. You can see that this year has been running higher than last year in the picture below. I've lived here for just over 2 years and those are my electrical bills since moving in. My house has a heat pump so the cost is reasonable in winter.

I'm a bit funny when it comes to utility costs, especially electrical. I dislike turning the A/C or heat on for the first time in a season so I put it off until things are a mite uncomfortable. Once on, I'm more reasonable though I do keep the house a bit cool in winter and warm in summer.

I try to not turn on the A/C until June nor the heat until November. The past few days have been the first cool ones this Fall here in eastern NC and already I'm tempted to turn on my heat. It's 61 in here now and I suspect with the way the wind outside is howling that it'll be 58 inside by morning. I don't mind the house being cool in the AM since I hit the hot shower pretty quick but if it's 60 or lower when I get home from work I just might turn that heat on a bit early this year. *sigh* It's only a week 'til November though... is it worth being a little chilled for a week to make it to an arbitrary date?

UPDATE: Yikes! It was chilly this morning. When I got up it was just under 40f outside and inside it was 57 with 54% humidity. A little chilly for me but endurable in the morning. Today's high is supposed to be 58 today and for the next week never go above 62 so I might just have to bite the bullet and turn on my heat today. I'd hold off if it was only going to be chilly for a day or two but with that kind of weather it'll never make it back over 60 inside. Brrrr!


kenju said…
No, it is not worth it! I don't how you can make it to June without turning on the air conditioning. We often have it on in April, and at least by May.
Lish said…
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Lish said…
Being a Texan, I can't handle the cold. We had a coldfront come through this weekend, and I turned on the heat. I suspect that my A/C will be back on in a couple of days though.
utenzi said…
Judy, I've had to live in places without A/C a number of times and it's not that huge a deal but I admit it's uncomfortable. Once the indoor temp gets over 80 I'll turn on the A/C. I generally keep it around 76 or 77 but will turn it to 74 if I'm mowing the yard on a particularly hot day so I can cool off afterwards.

Lish, there's nothing like sleeping in a cold room--as long as your bed is warm. I have a couple of down comforters so that's never a problem. Breathing cold air while your bod is warm is just so nice. Of course I don't live in Texas--I doubt I'd handle the heat there very well.
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phoenix said…
We just turned on our heater for the first time yesterday. We keep it cool, but with a parrot it can't be allowed to be too cool. Tonight we hit our first temps under 40. Will be glad when this cold front takes a hike and the warmer 70 degree weather comes back for a visit :)
utenzi said…
Phoenix, that sounds a lot like the temperatures here. When I woke up this morning it was 38.9
No_Newz said…
We are getting totally ripped off with the costs of energy sources. This morning, I am one cold P.O.ed biotch. :)
(thermostat is set at 57 so if it gets colder than that inside, it will kick on and it did a couple of times already)
Lois Lane
utenzi said…
That is very cold for someone that is actually in the house doing stuff, Lois. Since I'm out of the house at work all day, I don't need to be concerned until I get home. I suspect that I'll be turning the heat on today or tomorrow--and I typically keep it set at 65 or 66. 57 is very brave, indeed, Lois.
Nancy said…
We have had our Pellet stoves going for over a week now. It is cold in the Northeast and we are expecting snow in the mountains. It's gonna be a long winter....
Diane Mandy said…
Awwww, come on U.... just put on some thermals and you'll be just fine.

Bring on the winter! I love it! But, I do hate the gas bill (sigh)....
Lora said…
I'm like you I wait as long as I can to turn the heat or Ac on. My husband will stand no such nonsense, so it causes some "heated" discussions. Oh well we have to have something to bicker about.
No_Newz said…
If it were summer and 60, I'd be in shorts with the windows open. That's how I have to look at heating the house. I wear a sweater or a sweatshirt and pants, always socks and if I am still chilled, I throw on a ballcap. Head and feet warm = warm Lois. :)
utenzi said…
Diane, I have a feeling you look just great in thermals. Mmmm.

Lora, I didn't think the two of you bickered about anything! Now that you're going to be moving into the new house you'll have a new setting for the argument!

Lois, I'm with you. I generally don't have that much on top but I keep my legs and feet well covered. I love my fleece socks. They're soooo warm!
car said…
Kick on the air and heat and use up that energy as much as possible. I love it! Hey I went by RDU last weekend and on Monday coming back to Asheville and I didn't see a single SUV with more than one person inside. Great for the portfolio and energy futures. We need more areas like Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill in America and I could afford to live forever!
queenofsass said…
And pray like hell that you are not planning to build a house...the cost of housing materials are outrageous.
Daniel said…
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