What do you do for music on the go?

I don't have anything other than a portable CD player that I bought for my car about 8 years ago. I don't use it much but it's still working. My truck is 6 and a half years old and only has a radio/cassette player in it so that's where I keep the CD player.

I've got a USB key for moving files from home to work but it's not one that plays music. I'm thinking of buying a music player, especially now that those sexy iPod Nanos are out from Apple Computer, but I doubt that I'd use it that much.

I have nearly a thousand MP3s and about 500 CDs that I could rip for more files so there's plenty to play but I suspect that, like the portable CD-player, I'd just not use it.

So in addition to what do you do for music, what format do you prefer to use? I've only used MP3s though I think I have something that rips in the new MP4 compression format.


Ciera said…
And here I was just getting used to the MP3 thing...and you're telling me there is an MP4? Oye! How progress ... well, progresses!
Carmi said…
I have a Palm Tungsten T5. It's essentially a PDA, and I use it for work - I have a keyboard for it, and it substitutes for my laptop when all I'm doing is taking notes and I don't want to lug the big machine around.

The T5 takes SD memory cards, so I load a whack of MP3s onto one, plug in my headphones, and go. When I'm travelling and working, it's nice to catch up on reading and writing in the airport or on the plane while listening to tunes.

Hauling the laptop out of its case just for that is pure hell!

I bought my wife an iRiver MP3 player. It's very highly rated. The advantage it has over the iPod is its removable AA battery. Much more convenient, especially since we run every gadget in our house on a collection of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries.

SanDisk also makes an excellent player.

Hope that helps...

BTW, visiting from Michele's today.
panthergirl said…
I live for my iPod. The Nano is cool, but not big enough for me. I use a 40gb unit, and I store music AND audiobooks on it.

I have a Monster Cable that connects through the cigarette lighter in my car, so I can play the iPod through my car radio by tuning into one of eight frequencies. I put it on random and I'm good to go...

Couldn't live (happily) without it!!
(I use whatever format the music happens to come down as ... mp3, mp4, whatever)

Here via michele today!
mar said…
Oh, my, I am sooooo behind! can I ever catch up? I still have the old record player and real black records with a hole! those , where you can hear the dust !
mar said…
I was so depressed about not being current that I missed the point. I have plain CD's for music on the go. And a humble little radio when I go out for walks... yes, I am one of those.
rashbre said…
I use mp3 on my iPod and have one of the high capacity ones, so that I can store lots of music. I also use podcasts as a secondary source and that means I have some 'radio style' programs on the ipod as well.

A great discovery in my car was a little socket that the ipod headphone socket can plug into, so on long journeys I put the ipod into the glove box.

I even use iTunes as a jukebox now. With Airport express wifi, you can beam the tunes straignt from a laptop to a hifi, without any wires. Even cooler, you can store the tunes in one machine and then connect to it from another to play them back. This Powerbook doesnt have any significant tunes stored in it but can call up the library over the Wifi and then play it back through the hifi. I promise its easy to set up.

Here today via Michele!

utenzi said…
Carmi, Panthergirl, and Rashbre are way ahead of me. I'll have to upgrad soon and enjoy some of the benefits of music and technology that they're espousing above.

Mar, I did transition from vinyl to Cds a long long time ago but I've barely moved forward since then. :-(
Lisa said…
Mar, don't feel bad. I'm right there with you! I've gone as far as copying some of my CD's onto my pc, and that's awfully high-tech for me.

I'd like an iPod, but just havent' gotten that far yet!

For now, I steal my kids portable CD player when I need tunes on the go. My poor car just has radio/cassette, too.
Chatty said…
I use my iPod. My portable CD player is somewhere collecting dust. I rip all my cds and carry them in my iPod.

Today, Michele sent me. :)
ribbiticus said…
the ipod's the way to go. mine has mostly 80s songs, a lot of old faves from frank sinatra and some from musicals. :)
YellowRose said…
I have Cd's...but I'm wanting a MP3 player. My kids both have one and I "borrow" theirs all the time...they insist I get one of my own. LOL

Here via Michele's!
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi; This is a very good subject. I use CD's. My guess is that IPODS will come down in price before lap tops ever will. So frustrating how a computer just 2 years old is "outdated". i knew nothing about MP4 compression until I stopped by here! See? It's always something!
plasticdoc said…
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Michelle said…
I have an mp3 player that holds around 150 songs. I don't have the time to listen to much music cept when i'm out jogging. I guess it's like satelite television, i don't have time to watch it either. I think your better going for something that suits your needs. Why buy something that holds 1,000 songs when you won't listen to them.
No_Newz said…
As the QUEEN of redundancy, I go for this little gem to play my music.
Lois Lane
Plain Jane said…
I'm an iPod user. Michele sent me. Hi! :)
Jason said…
I use a Creative Zen with 40 GB of space. I pretty much keep my entire library of music on it, and it goes with me everywhere. I got sick of CD's, so they are all collecting dust in the house, though Ellen still prefers the CD's in her car.
Anonymous said… has this cool thing where if you just sign up and do an offer, you can get a free ipod

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