flies, spiders and a witch

Here's another variation on the Halloween screen thing. What do you think?

Here, again, I didn't feel inspired and just mixed up some stuff I had before. Maybe it's that I'm not really very interested in Halloween so the subject just doesn't gel with me.

In any case I uploaded the full size picture so it might be a little large if you click on the picture. I don't know if Blogger limits the size on the jpgs that it uploads.

Maybe a bat or two... or a ghost. How can you do a Halloween theme without a ghost?


utenzi said…
Yep. Blogger limits the size of the picture. It's only half size when you click on it.
Teresa said…
Hmmm... I think you need to get rid of the stained glass look. A solemn scare just doesn't do it for me. And it's kind of busy... I probably wouldn't have noticed the Halloween stuff had I not known to look for it. ;-)
Michelle said…
What, no pumpkins??
Lish said…
Enough with the spiders! So, can you believe they went 18 innings?
GPV said…
The spider is not hairy enough,ut,Make another try with more web and drop the spider.
Then you can compose with skulls and tombs,or maybe a picture of a leader of any nation(some of them are pretty frightful)

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