cats and nuts

My sinuses are killing me so I'm just going to post two pictures, take some ibuprofen for my ankle that's trying to imitate a beachball--unfortunately without the air valve to deflate it--and go to bed.

These two are strays that my girlfriend let in at one point or another but that don't like to stay inside for long. The small one on the left got semi-adopted by a neighbor so she's not around very much these days.

They're both remarkably healthy for cats that probably spend over 95% of their time outside.

These are a package of peanuts that had gone stale. Before throwing them out, I took a few pictures.

I like the way the flash reflected off of the sides of the package. :-) Salty too.

I'm going to bed!


Teresa said…
Good night! Peanuts and cats! Two things you do well with! LOL
magz said…
hi friend.. like yer pussies, like yer nuts.. dont like the look of that ankle!

got a feedstore/vet supply in town? Aunt Doctor Magz has the fixit, so she dont have ta shoot ya.

get gel form DMSO (neat stuff, miracle paint solvent doctorin goo) and a jar of nitrofurazone goop, it's thick, gooey, and bright yellow. WASH HANDS AND ANKLE THOUROUGHLY (DMSO is amazingly good at penetrating skin, and carrying anything on the skin with it)

mix em 50/50 and smear at least a half inch thick over entire ankle, wrap loosely in saran wrap.. then cover with a soft absorbant support type bandage. If ya use an ACE, make it loose.. and remember as the goo warms it'll leak a bit, may stain yer satin sheets.

Do this overnight; it feels very very gently warm, no liniment type heat or burn, but the combo melts swelling and pain like gangbusters, it's amazing how well this works. DMSO really encourages bloodflow to tissues and joints, letting yer bod do it's own healing faster. I swear by this Dave, wouldnt steer ya wrong and have used it 100's of times on self, others, and critters with no side effects.
In theory, a 50/50 castor oil DMSO mix would probably do the same, but i swear by my nitro goo since it works for me.
utenzi said…
Thanks, Magz.

Spoken like a vetrinarian, Maggie. I've used DMSO for decades though not in gel form--and not on ME. We use it to freeze down cells so that ice crystals won't form and disrupt cell walls.

From what you describe up there, it sounds very effective--I bet that's what you do with horses. I know DMSO is used that way. Do they ever look at you funny? As a transdermal agent DMSO is supposed to penetrate skin readily so you get a strange taste in your mouth almost immediately after topical treatment. I've never had it on my skin so I don't have any first hand knowledge of that.
No_Newz said…
Who knew you and I had so much in common? I love salty nuts.
Hmmm... maybe I need more sleep too. Take care of your damn ankle! Yes, that's an order.
Lois Lane
magz said…
some say yes dave...tastewise. think oysters, or something similar. I've used it barehanded for years and rarely ever experienced the taste..

but i will tell ya there's been a horse er two who screwed up his lips and stomped his feet when he saw me comin with it.

it's fun stuff to play with, aint it. and dagnabbit.. ya got the werd i was lookin for earlier-- transdermal. not subQ, not IM, not IV.. but a medical delivery means. Try it! It really does werk,

and HAIL yes it's vetstuff! Who'd ya think I was after all; Dr. KillDear? hahahaha
love, magz; Animal Doctor, Human Nurse: General Midwifery
Marie said…
The peanut shot is awesome.
Diane Mandy said…
Take care of that ankle! It doesn't look good, at all. :-(
sophie said…
Love the kitties, I need more--but don't tell my boyfriend!

Please continue to take good care of that ankle!
utenzi said…
Your secret is safe with me, Sophie. I'm a softie when it comes to redheads!

Thanks, Diana. I'll try to be careful. So far the worst thing has been showering. It's amazing how often I want to turn around in the shower--and I have to be very careful now when doing that.
utenzi said…
Marie, thanks. It's nothing all that special. You, on the other hand, have such a wonderful eye for photos.

Maggie, I'll pick up those two items next time I get a chance but it'll be too late for this injury. But I'm sure this thing will happen again. That left ankle is just too loose.
netchick said…
Hope your ankle is doing better! Nothing worse than pain... Don't forget to ice it!
queenofsass said…
Dude! You do take some cool, if eccentric, pictures. I am feeling your pain on the ankle. Mine looked very much like that from my little fall from grace in New Orleans. I still have the adam's apple appearance on my ankle after 4 months. Remember: ice, heat, ice--15 minutes each. Take better care of yourself my furry loving friend.
Loving your comments today, Dave! Hey, if it works for a horse, it should work for a man. Hope that ankle feels better soon!

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