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Nothing cohesive today, though I'm not so sure I ever really think in a purely linear fashion. Yesterday I was discussing Decartes and the mind-body problem in a superficial way in another blog and oddly enough that very topic popped up in the book I'm reading, The Rule of Four. It's odd when that happens, especially when the synchronicity involves something as unusual as a 17th century philosopher. I'm not quite done with the book--the section I'm on now involves Girolamo Savonarola, a 15th century Dominican monk, and I came online to do a little research on him before reading any further.

I mentioned my lack of talent with sewing a day or so ago. Here's some proof of that:

It looks pretty bad but there is a history behind it. This all started out with an iron-on patch on the inside, then another had to be added a few months later. Those two held for about a year then the cloth just got too thin and then I added the big iron-on patch to the outside. That's done well for 6 months and now the cloth above is giving out largely due to the patches inside gradually peeling off. My solution was to sew those damn interior iron-on patches to the exterior patch. LOL I know, I know. Just give up on the pants! Hell, no!

Anyway, between turning the pants inside out, holding the two interior patches in place, and trying to get the sewing maching to cooperate--those sad looking stitches are what resulted.

On a slightly different note, I'm amazed at the power of the lowly sewing machine. Any time I imagine how much more powerful my little Singer is than what I'd be with a needle and thread--it's a staggering difference. This device goes back to the 1750s but those early sewing machines used chain stitches, just like a seamstress would use. It wasn't until Walter Hunt developed a sewing machine based on the lock stitch in 1834 that things took off. Isaac Singer didn't create his first sewing machine until 1850. The machines in the 16 years between were very difficult to use, quite the contrast to the one I own. And it's a good thing because if it wasn't easy to use, I'd have very perforated fingers. And that's a bad thing!


Carmi said…
Some pants are just meant to be regularly patched. The spirit involved in keeping them alive is inspiring, and runs wonderfully counter to today's throwaway ethos. Keep patching and sewing. It's much more fulfilling to us all than a forgettable trip to the store.

I wish I knew how to sew. Where can I learn?

Dropping in from Michele's again.
kenju said…
I applaud your efforts to keep the pants alive and well. I posted recently about our "throwaway" society - so keeping the pants is a good thing.

I just read "The Rule of Four". I had a hard time following it, and remembering the people. It seemed to jump around a lot and I had a hard time keeping "who had a relationship with whom" straight.

Michele sent me this a.m.
honestyrain said…
no no, you can't throw them out! i had a pair of pants like that. gosh i adored them. i loved them. i wanted to marry them!!! i no longe rhave them and i don't remember what finally came between us but i bet it was dan. that dan! ;)

here via michele and sorry it took so long to get here after i poste that i was coming...had a poopie diaper incident!
deputyswife said…
I love to sew. (Quilts, not clothes) I had been using my mother's old Viking for years. Recently, I purchased a new one. It is amazing how these machines evolve over the years.

As for the jeans, I am going to go against the tides here... get a new pair... LOL!
Dan said…
You're right, that is a truly random post! I used to patch up my jeans, but these days I buy such cheap tat that I just throw the jeans away when they wear out. Which, since I now have to wear a suit to work, is nowhere near as often as they used to wear out!

I'm also amazed at the power and effectiveness of today's appliances. I'm so glad i live in the late 20th/early 21st centuries, because life must have been soooooo much harder even as short as 60 or 70 years ago. Give me all the labour-saving devices and medical and technological advances you can, thank you very much. I'll take the lot, and I'm very grateful for it all too.

Here via Michele's :-)
There is something about worn denim that is just a Really Good Thing, too good to ever get rid of. The patches just add to the Love.
I hope you never throw them out!
Here via Michele's, but I always look forward to paddling by.
utenzi said…
I do love those jeans but they're only one of 3 pairs in similar shape. Only one of the 3 is in good enough shape to wear into work, the other 2 are relegated to just wearing in the house since even outdoor work would totally shred them.

Dan is right about the appliances. I can't imagine living without so many of my useful toys. The washer/dryer, fridge, freezer, microwave, and most especially my ReplayTV (like a Tivo but better). If I didn't have these things I'd probably have to get married to get a labor saving device of similar sturdiness!
utenzi said…
Judy, the book can be confusing at times. What is getting to me is that most of the book is strictly chronological but there's a few places that aren't and you have to be very careful not to get things mixed up in those places!
kenju said…
Utenzi, Michele sent me back; I think we posted at the same time and you got skipped. I have an old Singer machine that was born the same year I was (in the Dark Ages). It won't do anything fancy, but it is good for mending, and vastly preferable to hand sewing!
lisa said…
Keep at it, I'm sure you can sew someday. If you really really want to that is.
I love the randomness of your thoughts, here via Michele :-)
Lish said…
Here from Michele's today. I can't even sew on a button. I learned nothing from my mother. I say just get new jeans.
FuzzBuck Fuzz said…
From Michele's.

I like the cut of your blog ;)
MissMeliss said…
I have a favorite pair of pants that I keep repairing, also. (My machine is an ELNA, though.)

Thanks for stopping by, earlier. It was time for a more vibrant, energetic look.
Teresa said…
Random? Maybe. Diverse? Certainly.

What impressed me most with this one is that the pants still fit! At least, I hope so if you are going through so much trouble to save them....

I've got some "can't part with" clothes that I'm certain no longer fit. I still think that someday I'll patch them up and wear them though.
Indigo said…
What a patch! LOL! But, I have pants like that too where I'm not about to give them up. No way, no how.
Indigo said…
oh, Michele sent me. Forgot that part.
Shannon said…
I like your pet on the right...Does it do any tricks? hope you had a good weekend!
Hi! from Michele's!
Stacey said…
Um... those jeans have seen their better days, dear Utenzi. I guess bachelors need a woman after all - to get rid of all the old clothes that they can't let go of! If it were me, I'd wait until you were out on one of your kayaking adventures and then I'd soak and light 'em. You'd never find the evidence. :)

I'll mention your synchronicity on my blog, too, as part of my journal.
puremood said…
I wish I could master sewing. I can do it, a little. My machine is rarely used tho. I haven't ever attempted to do pants! ;)

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