new tv shows review part 1

I'll repost this in a few days when I see more shows. Right now it's Tuesday and I've only seen three of them.

Bones (Tuesday)

Summary: Forensic Pathology show that's a mix of the CSI shows and the old Quincy, ME TV series. Loosely based on the books by Kathy Reichs who's also the show's producer.

Analysis: Read the books. LOL This show is so very bad. I bet a lot of people will like it but it's banal to the core. In the very first scene a PhD takes off her shirt to get the attention of a clerk in an airport. Just to ask the arrival time of a plane. The show got better as it went along, but it could hardly have gotten any worse. The plot problems were the only reason I kept watching after a while and there were HUNDREDS of them. For anyone analytical, the show is a train wreck.

Threshold (Friday)

Summary: Some kind of alien(s) or objects thereof interfere with a ship in the North Atlantic. Ship's crew goes crazy, some missing, others dead. A covert special-ops team is created to look into the problem.

Analysis: I found it an interesting premise and like the first half hour or so. I found the actual operations team to be too contrived, just too quirky to be real, and the action to be boring. I suspect this show will develop a strong following because there's an obvious effort to keep quality writing like there was with last season's hit, Lost. I just won't be one of the fans.

How I met Your Mother (Monday)

Summary: The show is a series of flashbacks as related by a father, in 2030, to his kids about how he met their Mother.

Analysis: I didn't erase the first show from my DVR because I'm going to watch it a second time. I really, really liked the show. The only logical problem I had with it is that the guy that plays the dad (Josh Radnor) was able to find a woman to be interested in when his best friend is involved with and about to become engaged to Alyson Hannigan. Obviously there's no way anyone else could compare. Right?

Radnor was very likable in the lead and he's the weak link so obviously the acting talent here is first rate. Hannigan is as adorable as always but Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) steals the show as the "best friend" and bad influence over Radnor. The writing is also very good--the unexpected ending in the first episode totally surprised me. I even muttered "assholes" to the screen when I realized they caught me. I'm definitely watching this show every week.


sophie said…
Thanks for the heads up on "Bones." I like the books, so I suppose I should stick to them.
kenju said…
I'll try to catch "How I met...." when it is on next.

Speaking of women who take off clothes to get attention: last season Trump fired an Asian woman who removed her skirt during the show. This season, one of the contestants is a former stripper from Vegas. Go figure!
rashbre said…
We'll have to wait at least six months to get these episodes over here. I do like the medical series Scrubs.

We need to work out how to get the hedgehogs to scale to the sidebar of blogs. I may suggest it to halolabs.

Michele sent me.
utenzi said…
I love Scrubs. It's annoying that it's going to start so late this year. November, I think. But at least it wasn't canceled. I bought the first season on DVD a few months ago. It's such a funny show.

Needing the Hedgehog to scale didn't even occur to me. I have my monitor set to 1600x1200 and I often forget how much less landscape most people have when browsing the web.
Utopia said…
I almost totally agree with your assessment of "How I Met Your Mother". Differing view of dad (Josh Radnor). He was so endearing and emotional; I thought he was great! Neil Patrick Harris was hilarious!
Maria said…
Thank you for taking time to let the rest of us know what you liked and what you didn't. I guess I need to start watching "How I Met Your Mother".

I am glad the new season is beginning. I am so tired of summer re-runs.
utenzi said…
I agree, Maria. About the only new show was Rescue Me and frankly, the storyline got so depressing that I've got the last 5 episodes recorded and I can't bring myself to watch them. I'm glad real firemen aren't that screwed up.

Thanks, Utopia. I'm glad you enjoyed the show also.
colleen said…
I saw this and liked it too. Did you catch the part where the guy in the suit said, "I'm totally going to put this on my blog!?"

Good point you made tonight on my blog. Too long to get into here...but I answered you there.
Lish said…
I really liked How I Met Your Mother too. I DVR'd Kitchen Confidential which comes on at the same time on Fox. It was really, really good. I highly recommend that you watch it. It is produced by Darren Star and has really good writing.
Yaeli said…
I can't wait til we get some of those shows in Oz. We'll probably be waiting a while though... we always seem to be so far behind you guys!

I hope you're feeling better today! :o)
utenzi said…
Thanks Yaeli. So far I'm feeling a lot better but it's only 6am. We'll just have to see how it goes at work! LOL

I wanted to do that also, Lish. I was looking forward to the Kitchen Confidential but unfortunately I didn't program it on my second DVR and fell asleep before it started. I'll have to catch the second episode--or just give up and wait for the reruns at the holidays. :-(

Colleen, I did catch Harris saying the part about the blog. It was funny and embarrasing at the same time. His character is painted as needy and narcisistic so by extension we're being pidgeonholed that way too. So unfair! LOL
Teresa said…
I was a little distracted during How I Met Your Mother, but thought it was pretty good. I think I liked the one at 9:30 that night better though -- a family of screwed up doctors, I believe. As usual, I can't remember the name of the show. ;-)

The only other "new" show I've seen so far is Head Cases. I watched the first 2 episodes last night. The first was confusing and kind of slow. But the second one made a bit more sense and helped establish the cast. I'll probably watch it regularly since there's absolutely NOTHING else on on Wednesday nights. Right?
utenzi said…
Silly woman! Wednesdays are just fine. Lost and Veronica Mars are all you need that night with a brief exposure to The 70's Show also.
dena said…
I have got to watch How I Met Your Mother. Now I just have to remember what night it's on.

visiting from michele's
birdwoman said…
Totally agree on both Bones (god that was awful) and Threshold - though I will continue with Threshold because brent spiner is in it.


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