my new (used) buffet table

This is the buffet table that I mentioned in my post yesterday. I bought it on my way home from work on Friday at a used furniture store. I polished it up last night and while definitely not new, it's not bad at all. Especially for the price--which is a critical factor for me. While not poor, I'm not wandering the streets of Georgetown dropping thousands on shoes either.

While I've lived here at my house for almost 2 years now--and that means my ARM is about to pop up 1%--due to some interesting situations I've not been able to furnish the house fully. So this summer I've been gradually adding inexpensive pieces to give the house a more home-like atmosphere. This buffet really helps the living room a lot!

I like the somewhat dark color of the piece and while it's not high quality it is fairly heavy and substantial. A lot better than picking up some new but cheap piece at a box-lot type store. And it gave me a reason to break out the wood polish again. :-)

Not much else going on today. I'm mowing the front lawn but can't do the side and back since I'm almost out of gas and don't want to bother getting a container of gas at a local station. Too many people are being silly and hoarding gas right now. Personally if I couldn't get more gasoline, I'd just view it as a nice little vacation from work. I'm more than willing to ride out a few days or so of gas shortages at home. DVD's, books, eating at all times of the day. Mmmmmm.


Londinium said…
passing through via Michele's.... nice blog here!
Kevin said…
Also here from Michele's.

Garage sales are great for used furniture. I'm always amazed at some of the quality (as in expensive) stuff one can get for just a few bucks. A little refinishing and it's like new.
Carmi said…
Congrats on the new piece - and on your philosophy of furniture. I couldn't agree more. You end up with a home with character (and what a lovely home it is...the porch is incredible!)

Here from Michele's this morning. If not driving means crossing blog comments with good folks far away, then high gas prices aren't all that bad.
kenju said…
The new buffet looks nice and substantial - which you would not get in a new piece (unless it cost a lot!). I love older, well-loved furniture.

Michele sent me.
Beanhead said…
Wow that is a nice piece of furniture. I would have bought it also. Here via Michele's
Carmen said…
I like that buffet! It must add a lot to your dining room.

Your stay at home plans sound similar to mine.

Here via Michele;)
kristen said…
nice piece of furniture you got there. Also, you have a very pretty house in N.C. Snow isn't so bad! Ask me, I'm a New Englander ;)
kristen said…
I neglected to mention that Michele Sent Me!
ella m. said…
I just came from michelle's to say hello

I like that table. I just got a new place and i'm having a hell of a time finding furniture that isn't too ornate of a design or a nice clean simple design in a color that's hideous.

I am now jealous of your table :D
-xtessa- said…
hi! came via michele's meet 'n' greet!

i've been dying to furnish my place as well to make it homey... but financial issues keep getting in the way.:)

have a great weekend!
Erin said…
Here from Michele.

Love the buffet table. Congrats on your cool find. =)
moonbatty said…
Great table, the dark color works well with the lighter color of the carpet. :)

Here via Michele.
zazzafooky said…
I picked up a GREAT mahogany dresser off the side of the road once and it restored beautifully.

Penny saved....
puremood said…
That's really beautiful - I wish I had one! I'm back over from MIchele's -I hope you're having a good holiday weekend! :)
Sexy Soccamom said…
I've had some good luck with used furniture. That piece really looks nice.

I'm here from Michelle's. Hi.

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