Moving away

One of our staff scientists, Beena (pictured below), is moving on in her career and leaving the lab where I work. She will be sorely missed. No longer will we be able to continue the betting pool on when she'll bother to drag her sorry butt into work. And I'm not saying that just because she called in sick today when she was supposed to go to lunch with Tach and me. Well, maybe I am!

This is the home environment for lab rats such as I. It appears to be very messy--mainly because it is very messy. Or cluttered, at least. Since we do so many things and research can change the directions of our assays on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis--we have all sorts of things on hand for use. You never know what you'll need.

Lately we've been doing a lot of qualitative and quantitative PCR but Westerns are in the near future. Fortunately we've gotten the kinks ironed out of our RT-PCR project but that's just to confirm the results of our DNA microarrays. Next we'll be growing lots of breast cancer cells and then running the proteins from them to confirm that the amino acids coded for by the RNA are actually being manufactured by the cells. Anyway...

Here's some of the other staff members here in the lab. You have Peter looking benignly at the camera. He loves to have his picture taken. You might even say he's mugging for the camera--but then I'd suggest you move away FAST! "Them's fightin' words!"

Elanor is off behind Peter and Beena is in front of him. Beena and Elanor share an office though not for much longer. Beena is in the process of packing some of her stuff together in this picture.

Here's some more pictures of Beena that I took while she was packing up her stuff last Friday. She's working this week also but I'm not optimistic about seeing her. I suspect she's going to be calling in with a week long flu...

By the way, this post will probably be deleted in a few days because once Beena sees it, I suspect she'll insist that I remove it. LOL Fortunately I am poor so I'm not worth a lawsuit!


No_Newz said…
She is going to come in to work, but only long enough to kick your ass. :)
Happy trails Beena!
Lois Lane
P.s. RE: your TV post, comment to my comment, how old did you think I was? I didn't see The Courtship of Eddie's Father in syndicate. :)
utenzi said…
You might be right, Lois. The cover story is that her son was too sick with allergies to go to daycare. Hmmm. If I don't pst tomorrow you'll know my butt is in a sling!

As for your age, Lois, I'd been assuming around 32. Of course in your picture up there you look more like 8--albeit a very pouty 8. :-)
No_Newz said…
I stqand corrected. I just looked it up. I was watching it in syndication. The show was cancelled the year I was born 1972. Sorry I doubted you.
Me pouty? Hahahaha! Yeah, well, if you look closely at that photo, you will see my sister's arm resting on my head. I was a friggin' arm rest?! You'd have pouted too. She's lucky I was too little to kick her ever-lovin'! I think I was 5 in that photo.
utenzi said…
1972 was a very good year. I fell desperately in love for the first time. I was soooo smitten. Gosh, you're young!

I never noticed your sister's arm on your head, Lois. That's funny! And from the pictures of your hair session with both sisters, not much has changed!
Michael Manning said…
utenzi: What a fun idea for a T-shirt: "Fortunately I am poor so I'm not worth a lawsuit". Funny!
Yaeli said…
Hey if it was my last week at work I'd call in sick too!! What are they going to do? Fire me?
Hope you keep your butt outta that sling.
utenzi said…
I wouldn't fire you, Yaeli. :-D

Maybe something more succint for the t-shirt:

Too poor to sue
Sue me? Ha! My ex-wife has it all!
No money, no liability
Being poor keeps the lawyers away
Eat mor chicken (sorry, the cow lobby paid me to put that in)
Torts: the cure for having money
Lawyers + greed = poor doctors (the AMA paid for that one)
Lish said…
My lab area just consisits of a cube with a microscope and a chair. Yours looks much more interesting. I look at slides of breast FNA's to see if they are cancerous or not. Sometimes we can pinpoint a specific dx, other times the pathologist will ask for ancillary testing. However, I look at far more pap smears than breast slides, I just don't like to tell people that.
utenzi said…
Your job relates closer to my bosses than mine then. She's a surgical oncologist so after she cuts out tissue she'd send it to someone in a job like your in Path, Lish.

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