It's a 60's thing

I mentioned this bug in a post a few days ago. I've named the pictures "rocker-bug" because for some odd reason the close ups of the face remind me of some rock singer from one of those critter named groups back in the 60s. The Beatles, Animals, Trogs, Crickets, et cetera. Maybe it reminds me of all of them! Be sure to click on the picture to get a nice close-up view!

In a very odd, offbeat way it's cute. However I'm very glad it's only an inch or two long. Something like this that was a few feet long would really be a nightmare--or that fellow your daughter at college is seeing and that she just insists you'll love. LOL

I can just see it: Mom, meet Edgar. Just feed him sugar water. Go light on the pesticides.

In case you want more info, in this first picture he's snacking on nectar. His proboscis, or whatever it's called, is down inside the flower.

This is a side shot taken the next day. It might be Edgar, or maybe a sibling. I didn't want to ask. You know he'd just get upset and insist that to me they all look the same. I don't know about you--but I hate getting attitude from bugs! It reminds me of that giant bug in that Men in Black movie. *squish*

Here's a side view on a flower. Notice how different it looks from the side. A lot less similarity to Edgar, your soon to be son-in-law, from this angle.

I don't know what that yellow thing is under Edgar (or his Sister) and I strongly suspect I don't want to know! I didn't notice it when I took the picture--and it gives me the heebie jeebies to think about it now!


Lish said…
This is much better than the daddy long legs, and he/she is kinda cute.
utenzi said…
Lish, your comment really shocked me. After your reaction to the spider, I was hoping you'd not see this post. And my worries were for nothing. I'm glad it's only spiders that bother you, Lish.
J. Star said…
Wow, *awesome* photos. I love taking pictures of bugs and have posted tons on Flickr--I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get a good shot, with the lighting and the bug's movements and all those wildly unpredictable factors. These are great shots!

Oreo said…
HAHAHA We have them too! I don't know what they are though. I DID see this posted somewhere (& I can't remember where or I'd give creit!) & thought you'd like it, after the Katydid thing.... Go check them out, they have some FUNKY creatures on there. BTW, just in case you don't see it on my blog, My Mom isn't any kid...she's old, she just turned 30! :)
colleen said…
They also had scary movies in the 60s about bugs that had gotten Mothra and the Ants! Remember the Fly? Michele sent me today.
Isheeta said…
Wow. Reminds me of my biology days! proboscis and all.... they'd do it for me
netchick said…
Hmm. Methinks you have too many really scary looking bugs in your neighbourhood. Yikes.

Good shots, nonetheless, though!
MissMeliss said…
This bug (it's a kind of fly or dragonfly, isn't it?) reminds me of a muppet, but I can't remember which one.
queenofsass said…
I just want to thank you ahead of time for the nightmares I will be having of bugs tonight. Ewwww.
utenzi said…
Sorry about that, Chris. At least it's not a squirrel.
moonbatty said…
That's an oddly cute and fuzzy bug. :)

(Here from Michele's)
caramaena said…
eeep a bug! Great photos though.

Here via Michele's
Michele said…
Oh, they are all pictures of Edgar, he has such distinct markings and his siter is rather camera-shy. Don't ask me how I know this - the answer would scare you, and surprise me, since I have yet to make one up.

He does look cute in a large-eyed, if he was a Disney creation kind of way. Now the question becomes: who would do his voice?

Great pictures.

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