Here's a little game. What kind of hair do you like? While most of us have all sorts of preferences which result in a confusing jumble of so-called favorites some trends often emerge. Personally I like full curly hair that is either brunette or red.

So let's generate lists of favorite hair, okay? I'll start! LOL As for length--the list, not the hair--let's just arbitrarily make the length 5. Feel free to do shorter or longer but as Dr. Perry Cox (John McGinley) would say on Scrubs: Try to at least get to 5, Bambi. Willya?

Drum roll please....

1. Minnie Driver: No doubts here at all!
2. My girlfriend: I'm not stupid, you always include wives or girlfriends on lists like this
3. Debra Messing: Red hair with lots of body. Wow.
4. Jane Rutter: Australian musician with Irish roots
5. Jennifer Aniston: Against my 'type' but beautiful and depends so much on her hair

...and an honorable mention to Yaeli and her new tresses!

So what's your list?


Yaeli said…
Woohoo!!! I got an honorable mention!!! *Squeals with delight!* Hehehe. I feel so special! :oD

As for my hair list... I don't really have one but I love the crew cut look. It feels fuzzy when you rub it and I get myself into trouble on the street stopping and rubbing people's heads. And i love coloured hair. The brighter the better!
Hair is often a reflection of personality.
utenzi said…
Pretty hard not to notice those lovely... tresses, Yaeli.
I like guys with a little natural curl in their hair, and I like when the hair is just long enough in the back to curl so I can stick my fingers in the curls.

Matthew McConaughey is a pretty good example of perfection.
I like Tina Fey's hair.
utenzi said…
Weirdly enough, Liz, I watched a Matthew McConaughey movie already today. I woke up at 4am and instead of going back to bed I watched a DVD I had from the library (aren't librarians wondeful?). Reign of Fire. I liked the movie but it was really bad. Almost funny bad. Matt was bald in this movie so some of his appeal might have been lost for you--but he did look more muscular than usual. Same accent though. I liked him best in Lone Star.

Tina Fey? I dunno about that.... kinda flat and boring.
utenzi said…
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utenzi said…
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Marie said…
You would hate my naturally straight blonde hair, but I did breed with an Welsh/Irish dude with thick curly hair. One of our offspring would make Charlie Brown blush for sure...
Keb said…
This list is of those whose hair I wish I had..

Debra Messing (the red, not recent brown)
Pamela Anderson
Most porn stars (what can I say, they have great hair!)
Sandra Bullock

As for guys, TheMan has brown, thinning hair. Personally, I'd go bonkers if he would just shave it off for me. Yes, I LOVE a bald head! Cpt. Jean Luk Picard..pant pant
Mamacita said…
My own hair is so straight that I couldn't even have bangs as a child. The hair wouldn't even curve over my forehead. It's still straight and doesn't like to behave.

I think Nicole Kidman has beautiful hair when she lets it get all thick and curly and just ties it back.

I'm here from Michele's. Hello.
utenzi said…
Keb, you want your husband to shave his head? Wow. I wonder if many women feel that way?

Mamacita! Nicole Kidman has great hair but I mostly like it when it's red and wild. She's usually got it more subdued than I like.
Canadian Mark said…
A list of favorite hair... Well, that will teach me to play the comment game so blindly at Michele's.

I shaved my head about four years ago and when I tried growing it back last month, my forehead was several inches higher than I remember. I can't make a list of favorite hair, it just...hurts too much.

However, having had a shaved head this past four years, I can say that yes, many women feel that way. And it is good.

Michele sent me.
Lish said…
Hi, I'm am visiting you by way of Michele tonight as well. I agree with Debra Messing. I have curly hair that I have colored red to try and match her style. I also like Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Garner. For a guy, I'd have to say Matthew McConaughey.
utenzi said…
Always great to see you, Lish. I think Kate Hudson is adorable but I don't think I ever noticed her hair except in Almost Famous.

Mark, that's encouraging news since at 44 my hair is starting to thin a bit and no doubt in time it'll disappear entirely. *gulp* It's nice to know that some women will like that.
Yaeli said…
Michele sent me back to revel in the glory that you have bestowed upon me!!! :o) What on earth are you doing up so early?
utenzi said…
It's only a bit after 4am, Yaeli, lovely flower of Australia. LOL What a line! It must be the 4am talking since I've not had any pink champagne.
Teresa said…
Interesting topic. I never really thought about it other than knowing that I like men best with neat hair. In most cases, I prefer them to keep it short, but I think that may be because a lot of men are blessed with better hair than I have. LOL.

You can count me among the women who are fine with a bald or shaved head on a man. I'd never ask someone to shave his head for me, but I find a sexiness in a man who's comfortable with what he has -- or in this case, doesn't have.
Star said…
Hmmm. Can't really come up with a top 5 although Debra Messing would be on my list. As well as my youngest daughter who has gorgeous hair and my friend MB. That was an easy 3 anyway. Michele sent me this morning.
No_Newz said…
When it comes to hair, I really don't think much about it. You might have noticed from my last hair cut post. For men, I even dig the bald look, as long as they don't have an oddly shaped head. Most ladies in Hollyweird have great hair too. So this is me copping out of listing some. :)
Lois Lane
Bald men can be very sexy, but my first choice is still curls!

As for my own hair, I still can't decide how I like it best. It's naturally wavy, but not actually curly, and it varies with the weather. It varies so much that I never know what it's going to do. There have been times when it is so different one day from the day before that co-workers have asked if I got a perm the night before. It's easier to handle short, but for some reason I have let it grow long.
Ciera said…
Utenzi!!!!! Here from Michele's...{smiles sweetly}...

Hmm...favorite hair...

1. - Patrick Stewart - ok, so he doesn't have a lot - he does it well
2. - My Pastor's when he let it grow a has this curl to it that makes him look boyish
3. - Jake whats-his-name from October Sky and The Day After Tomorrow cuz it's really dark
4. - My friend/mentor - she has wild hair...never the same color, usually kind of spiky [hey - it's cool enough that Mrs. Pastor does it too now]
5. - uhm....going with my own...because have beustiful hair...thick, with a bit of curl that can be encouraged with a curling iron...color is brown with red and gold highlights. :)
Michelle said…
What a great question. Personally, I love Angelina Jolie's hair, Eva Mendes, Gwen Stefani. They all have their own classic style. For a guy, I have to say my husband. He recently started buzzing it all off and I love it!!

Michele sent me today in this game we play! :-)
colleen said…
If you have straight hair you wish it was curly. If it's curly you wish it was straight. I want to come in my next life with curly hair (but not red). I live men with longish hair. Michele sent me.
Melina said…
Hi Utenzi!

Thanks for greeting me on my blog via Michele.

Nice pics...loving the step-by-step cookie instructions. I am so going to make those soon.

The insect ones are way interesting, but now I feel itchy.

As for the hair game, I don't know if I have a preference b/c I'm so boy crazy. I do have a fantasy hair wish for a boyfriend one of these days...I'd like me some long hair so I could shampoo and condition it and rinse it with bottles of Fiji water or something! I think that'd be fun to do and then have it done to me.

I think I have a tendency towards a bit of wave in the hair on a guy, but then again a surfer-like dude with bone straight hair is dead sexy too.

I guess come visit my blog and see my list of Hotties Swoons for hair I like! I figure it this way: if they're on my hotties list, I must think their hair (or lack of in the case of Evan Handler) has something to do with making my list.

Diane Mandy said…
These days I'm in to the bald look...wonder why? Truly, if I could shave my own off so as not to be bothered with it (and still be fashionably forward), I would!
Cin said…
Right now my favourite hair of all has to belong to my sister-in-law, who has a 2-inch growth of salt-and-pepper curly goodness after months of baldness from her chemotherapy.
Cin said…

I forgot to say hi! Michele sent me!
Ciera said…
Hey! Me again! Here from Michele's!
panthergirl said…
Funny.... several weeks ago I posted a gallery of "hair history" of myself! Everything from inch-long to butt-grazing. While I enjoyed my short hair, I had dreams almost nightly about having my long tresses back. I don't think I'll ever cut it short again.

It's not curly, but it's damned good hair. ;)

Here via michele today!
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