Favorite Television Shows

Yet another non-Katrina post and slipped in just under the midnight wire.

The upcoming television season is about to hit here in the USA. I'll probably post about the new shows in a day or two so in the meantime I'll start this off with a post about favorite shows that are currently on television and favorite ones from the past.

To the left here is my favorite new show from last year. Lost which is on ABC.

Here's my list of my favorite 8 former shows:
  • M*A*S*H
  • Northern Exposure (with Joel)
  • Friends
  • Cheers (without Kirstie Alley)
  • Family Ties
  • Rockford Files
  • Bob Newhart Show
  • WKRP in Cinncinati
...and I guess I'd better add Frasier to that list. I'd forgotten it had finished its run.

Here's my list of current tv shows that I usually watch:
  • 60 Minutes
  • Cold Case
  • West Wing
  • CSI: Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • NCIS
  • The Amazing Race
  • Lost
  • The 70's Show
  • Veronica Mars
  • ER
  • Malcolm in the Middle
Probably tomorrow I'll put in my two cents about the upcoming shows and complain about how there's too much to watch/record on Tuesday nights!


Teresa said…
I can go along with your all-time favorites with the exception of The Bob Newhart Show. It was a good show, but Newhart was better. And I'd add China Beach to list...

There are very few returning shows I'm loyal to. I watched the entire season of ER last year, but wasn't really into it and for the most part can't recall what happened other than Carter's baby and leaving the show and they got rid of the British doctor that was married to Mark Green. I think probably the only show that would be on my list of "usually watch" shows would be West Wing.
Yaeli said…
NCIS only started here earlier this year and the final episode of the first season is coming up this Sunday. I absolutely love it! It is the coolest show ever! Along with CSI, Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons, Will and Grace, and That 70's show.
Anisa said…
cheers (without kirstie alley). haha! that one's funny!

my latest favorite is house, but i think it's starting to make me a hypochondriac!
utenzi said…
Teresa, I never saw China Beach--despite your insisting I watch it all those years ago--and while I understand your preference for the second Bob Newhart show, it didn't have Susanne Plechette and therein lies a huge difference! (and squeezing her in that last episode doesn't count--though it was one Hell of a pleasant surprise)

Yaeli, I like Will and Grace a lot too but it's gotten in a rut this past season or two. I hope they revive it a bit this year. I've never seen Gray's Anatomy but I've heard it's really good. Maybe I'll catch the second season. BTW, great to see you here. :-)

Anisa, my girlfriend loves House as well but he's too grumpy for me. I watched two episodes at her request but after that I gave up on it. Someone needs to smack that gimpy doctor around.
No_Newz said…
Shows of back in the day, and I mean back for me are...
The Honeymooners
Little Rascals
I Love Lucy
Little House
The Brady Bunch
Cortship of Eddie's Father
Full House
Who's the Boss
Mad TV
And nowadays, I rarely watch TV.
Lois Lane
Indigo said…
Michele sent me! And I agree with you on that comment you left me the other day about a different Michele sent me thing....

I love Lost!! I can't wait for it to start again.

Currently I'm watching the US Open.
netchick said…
I'm so rarely home that I only watch one or two shows religiously... Medium, and Grey's Anatomy. The others, like CSI, Law and Order, etc. I'll watch if I'm bored... But, that's rare!

Maybe I need a PVR!? (Toys!)

By the way, I've added you on my blogroll ;)
utenzi said…
Lois, you must be older than you look. A lot older if you remember Courtship of Eddie's Father. I was thinking you were 10 years younger than me and I can barely remember that show. You must have seen it sydicated!

Indigo, I think the hippie thing worked better with kids when the social setting was more oriented in that direction. Today you'd risk having your kids taken away--and that woman seems in serious risk of that happening. It's easy to imagine things getting to the "no food in the house" situation.

Netchick, PVR? Do you mean DVR? Digital vid recorder? I've got two of those and absolutely LOVE them. It is very rare that I watch television directly. I'd say it's at least 95% off of the DVR. Even things like headline news I'll put on pause, go and do something, then come back and watch so I can zap the commercials. It saves about 30% timewise. There's a lot of commercials on those news channels!

Thanks for adding me to your Blogroll. I'll add you to mine when I go into my template tonight!
Aaron said…
I like Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The main character is cool.
netchick said…
...PVR and DVR are the same thing :) The "P" stands for personal. It's actually the older term, and I guess a number of companies have coined DVR because it sounds cooler to have digital in the name!
utenzi said…
Thanks, Netchick. I'd not seen the term PVR before. And as a guy, I like the 'digital' term a lot more. So cool!
Melzie said…
Hmm I can see some good Amazing Race discussions in our future :) Last year was my first watching but I've seen seasons 1-3 on reruns on GSN :) xoxo melzie
Michele said…
Stopping by to say hello...

From your current list the only show I have ever seen is 60 Minutes.

Now I shall hang my head in shame.
utenzi said…
LOL Hello, Michele. I don't see you as being the bashful sort! And since you're in the UK you probably don't get many of the shows and have all those wonderful BBC shows to look at anyway.
dena said…
We have very similar tast in telveision. I've never seen Lost though, and from what I understand I am really missing something. I guess I need to start watching. I believe that last season it came on during another show I was semi-addicted to.

visiting from michele's, but I should be sleeping.
GPV said…
I used to really enjoy the Bundy family, maybe it'll make a rerun someday
Beanhead said…
Here via Michele's
Love your list of shows that are no longer on. I don't get to watch much tv now but I never miss survivor or the amazing race!
Lisa M said…
I'm still getting over the end of Judging Amy. That was my favorite show.
MissMeliss said…
Am with you on LOST, West Wing and ER.

Most other nights, we're either watching the WB or the Sci-Fi channel.
Lora said…
I'm a huge Northern Expousure fan too! It's actually the only TV show I have ever made room in my schedule for.

I'm wearing my Ruth Anne's General Store T-shirt as I type.

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