Fall Preview for Television

My apologies to readers outside of the USA and Canada. I doubt this will pertain to many of you...

This post is about my reactions to the new Fall Lineup. Y'all probably don't care but it'll help me think it through and get ready to program my DVR since there's no way I'm going to sit through commercials. There are few things I love more than the auto-skip commercials function on my ReplayTV unit.


I watch 60 Minutes and Cold Case and now they're moving The West Wing over to the 8pm time slot to compete against Cold Case. Bastards! Only one new show, The War at Home, and I have no interest in it.


Not much here. I watch Las Vegas and that's on at 9pm. There's two possible new shows that I'll try out, both on at 8:30pm. How I met your Mother on CBS and Kitchen Confidential on Fox. Neither strikes me as interesting but the reviews have me curious. So I'll give them a two week trial. And in the case of the Met your Mother show, it has Alyson Hannigan and she's soooo cute!


This is the sort of thing that makes people despite programming executives. 6 shows I'm interested in all on one night! Bastards!! 8pm slot has NCIS returning without you-know-who and a new show Bones which is based on the books by Kathy Reichs. Who, I might add, is a much better writer than Patricia Cornwell and covers the same subject material.

9pm slot has returning show The Amazing Race. New shows Commander in Chief and My Name is Earl. I think I'll record the first 2 shows of Commander in Chief on my second DVR and watch them together back-to-back and see Earl each week. Damn Rat Bastards! And to make it worse, a lot of people like House--and that's on in this time slot also! Dr. House is too acerbic and bitter for me tho, so I don't watch that show.

And at 10pm there's Close to Home, a legal procedural, which I'll probably only watch for one or two weeks.


Lost, Veronica Mars and That 70's Show are the returning ones I'll be watching. I'll give Invasion a try due to the reviews but I doubt I'll go past the first episode.

That covers the first half of the week. I'll do the second half of the week later today or tomorrow. And I'll add more bug pictures then also. Or maybe a few from work. One of my coworkers is leaving for a new job next week so I took some pictures to remind her later on of the old lab she used to be in. :-(


MissMeliss said…
This visit is via Michele. :)

I don't know why I haven't blogrolled you yet, but am fixing that now. :)

I wasn't expecting West Wing back at all, and it's pretty obvious with the Sunday night timeslot that it'll be the last season, here's hoping it's a good one.

Looking forward to LOST - which I didn't watch at ALL last season, until, two weeks after it ended, a friend gave me burned-from-tivo discs of the whole season.

We then had a personal LOST marathon, and were both hooked.

YAY Lost!

Likewise, I didn't get into watching Judging Amy until I realized it was on TNT in the mid-mornings, and now I'm watching the season that just ended, how sad that it's the last.
kenju said…
Lost is great! Don't you watch Survivor?

Michele sent me.
Heh, you were next on Micheles list for meet n greet. I have to agree on Alyson Hannigan, damn.. cute. My currently hit the basics, House, Crossing Jordan, Without a Trace and this new show up here Prison Break.. thats it for me to TV! :) Anyways, have a great weekend..

utenzi said…
I've only watched Survivor 3 times and all were at parties back when I was doing programming for an Internet company. Every few months we'd get together and have a casual BBQ at one of our houses while Survivor was on. I had no interest in the show other than that. Amazing Race is the only reality show I watch.

Meliss, I've got you on my connect page--the one I use to check on the blogs I like to read. I'll add you on this blog as well. Thanks for reminding me!
kenju said…
Imagine my surprise! I didn't realize you lived near me. I should have scrolled down to your bio before - but didn't. Nice to meet a local blogger. You are the 4th-5th one I know about in the area.
puremood said…
Hi - I don't watch TV, well, very rarely.. so I've not even heard of most of those shows... but I do like to watch Cold Case and that 70's Show. I only see then when they happen to be on TV at the moment I'm watching. I'm so bad that I couldn't even tell you what day or times they are on! *blush*

Michele sent me over to say Hello... so Hello!
Keb said…
Oh, I miss TV! I used to watch That 70's Show and House. Then I started school again and now I don't turn it on as I have far too much to do. However, I had the ultimate brain fart the other day and now that loving hubby of mine is mouting a TV stand thingie on the wall, we're moving the dog kennels, the treadmill is going out of the formal dining room and into my bedroom so I can veg on TV while I walk. Oh, finally, my beloved TV...(insert drool here)
Carol said…
Hi Utenzi,
I have trouble believing that a kayaker watches so much television :)
Hope you are having a good weekend.
Michele sent me again but that's okay because I like your blog.
Have you ever considered playing in a band??
utenzi said…
Playing in a band, Carol? That question surprised me! I was offered a spot in band in HS but I had no interest and that was the last time any musical potential was seen in me. LOL Where ever did that question come from???

Keb, that sounds like a GREAT plan. It's a lot easier cycling or walking if you have something to watch.

Judy, I am under the impression though I don't know why that you're on the Raleigh side of the area. My girlfriend lives over there. But I am relatively close to you, being over by Burlington and Mebane.
Peaches said…
Yes, the TV schedule has become an ever-increasing issue what with what to record and what to watch. We now have two TiVo's and are anxiously awaiting the HD TiVo for our big screen upstairs so we're sure not to miss those hockey games in HD. I'm here via Michel, BTW.
Crayonsetc said…
I was glad that TV Guide actually did all the local networks all on one page so I can just rip it out :)

Thanks for coming by crayons... again ;)
mommy d said…
Wow, you watch a lot of TV! I love LOST. I just started watching it during the summer and was so bummed they weren't playing all the episodes. Now I am truely lost! I need a TIVO or DVR. With my three kids I am always too tired to watch TV at night!
tod said…
Hola! Michelle sent me.

Now, in regards to your Fall Lineup post.
Earl - looks interesting
Lost - best thing since broadband, a must watch
That 70's Show - it stopped doing much for me last year, but I'll probably watch it

And the ones you missed:
The Apprentice - yeah, yeah, I know...[non]reality tv
Martha Stewart's Apprentice - more [non]reality tv, but neat and tidy
American Dreams - the best show you never heard of
Two and a Half Men - only decent sitcom left (and their mother is exactly like my mother-in-law)
ER - cuz I've watched 11 years worth and just can't stop

Joan said…
Wow, do we have different tastes in TV shows! I'm a huge NBC fan - SCrubs, the Thursday night lineup and various incarnations of Law & Order, especially. To each his own, though! Here from Michele's...
utenzi said…
I bought the first season DVD of Scrubs, Joan, but it's not on NBC's initial Fall Schedule. It's supposed to be coming back a few months later tho.
Teresa said…
I may be the only person around who hasn't watched Lost and doesn't want to. I also won't watch Invasion and probably won't watch Commander in Chief. It just isn't appealling to me. I may try an episode of Close to Home for lack of anything else being on, but don't expect to like it either.

I will give the CBS sitcom lineup on Monday night a try (but no CSI: Miami -- I loathe all the CSIs) and will watch the shows that pass muster. Hey, I'm fair!

The Amazing Race is the only early week must see (though West Wing will be close).
Lora said…
Oh it looks like it may truely be the death of West Wing. When they start moving established shows around like that it usually spells the end. Not that I have cable or a DVR or have watched my favorite show (WW) more than once in the past year.
Carol said…
Hi Utenzi:
I have started a on-line marching band with a mission. It is called "Friends of the Friendless".
We meet on Friendly Fridays,which will conflict with Amy so there might be a problem but you welcome to come and see if you are interested in joining anyways. Your friendly readers are welcome, too.
PS-I didn't know that Amy was acting these days. Enjoy.

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