Fall preview for Television part 2

This post is about my reactions to the new Fall Lineup. Y'all probably don't care but it'll help me think it through and get ready to program my DVR since there's no way I'm going to sit through commercials. There are few things I love more than the auto-skip commercials function on my ReplayTV unit.


Returning shows are ER, Joey (yes, I actually like it though it's kinda dumb), and Will&Grace. As for the new shows, I'll give Reunion a try though I'm not very optimistic. And also Everybody Hates Chris. I can't stand Chris Rock's voice but everything I've heard points to this being a wonderful show so I'll endure his voice! I've not seen the last 3 shows of ER from last season but they're sitting on my ReplayTV hard drive so I'll watch them before the first show of the new season...


I was one of the few people that liked Numbers on CBS so I'll probably watch that along with Malcolm in the Middle. The new shows I'm interested in are only iffy ones. Threshold, a science fictiony aliens among us show, and Three Wishes which is a do-goody type show that normally sets my teeth on edge.... but it stars Amy Grant and I can tell you I know what my first wish would be! *blush* Despite the eye candy I doubt I'll do more than catch a few minutes--to increase my pulse rate a bit--every month or so.


Absolutely DEAD!


FattyPants said…
hi, michele sent me :)
Teresa said…
I love the "absolutely dead" comment on Saturday. Last year was the same. In fact, other than when they had Hack and The District on CBS, I probably didn't watch much of anything on Saturdays for years.

I saw Reunion tonight. The verdict is still out on that, but I'll record next week's episode too and then decide. I didn't hate it as I'm thinking I might where a few of the shows you mentioned are concerned.
J Anderson said…
My DVR is on my PC :D Michele sent me
Nancy said…
I liked Numbers. But I am still mad that Joan of Arcadia being. I mean we are in the middle of a major cliff hanger here! Jeez!
sophie said…
I also am a big fan of Numbers. Also, I was jolted awake by the theme song of Amy Grant's show. The song was "Dream Big" by a cool bunch of guys Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband. I've seen them a couple of times, and they just signed a record deal. Amazing musicians.
Michelle said…
I don't have alot of hope for the fall season. Seems like a bunch of the same shows we've seen before, just have new actors playing the same roles and changed the titles. Ugh.

I posted a bunch of drink recipes this week per your request.

Michele sent me :-)
utenzi said…
Teresa, yes, Saturdays are dead but that's why I have a DVR so that I can watch the shows when I want to so that Saturdays can have any show I want to. *evil chuckle*

Nancy, I only saw the first episode of Joan of Arcadia though Teresa, posting above you, kept trying to get me to watch it. I'm sorry they ended it on a cliffhanger though I've heard that it's possible to come back midseason-- just like Scrubs will on NBC.

Sophie, I'm glad to hear that there's at least two of us for Numbers. I never seem to hear any buzz about it at work unlike so many more popular shows. :-(

Michelle, thanks for the notice about the drinks at your site. I'll wander over this afternoon. Ethanol can be so nice, especially when there's fresh sugar involved!
Carmi said…
I'm thinking of boycotting all television until they officially retire so-called reality TV. It's about as close to reality as Entertainment Tonight is entertaining.

Back from Michele's. Keep the TV thoughts coming...everyone's got an opinion on 'em!
queenofsass said…
Reunion sounds like a Lost makeover. I am looking forward to Benjamin Bratt's new show just to see mr. hottie regularly.
dena said…
started watching Reunion, but an errand got in the way and I missed the bottom half of the premier. I'll definitely give it another chance.

visiting from michele's
Lish said…
I thought the first episode of Reunion was very good. I will be keeping up with it this season.
yellojkt said…
I saw Amy Grant in concert in 1984 (over twenty years ago) and she just gets cuter. How does that work?
utenzi said…
I think she's just adorable. Age doesn't seem to matter. I first noticed her when a Christian friend of mine tried to get me to listen to Christian music and used Amy Grant as the vehicle. A few years after that she started doing cross-over pop songs but I was long hooked by then. The music, not the religion.

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