Daddy Long Legs

This guy was crawling across a window screen yesterday when I was reading the Harry Potter book out on my deck. Once I noticed him (or her? Can a Daddy be a her? LOL) of course I had to go take a few pictures. Most were out of focus since the spider was covering too small an area to focus on but I did get lucky (?) in two shots.

It's a Daddy!

I love the eyes on this bugger. (click on the picture to get the full effect) There's a certain soulfulness that is so often missing from spiders--and undergraduates too, I've occasionally observed.

And the 'face' being in focus and the legs coming toward the camera going out of focus is a neat effect. Gotta love those durn bugs! The screen is also interesting looking from this perspective. Bugs get a great view from their positions--but there's also the disadvantage of being stepped on or swatted.


Carmi said…
These pictures are stupendous. I'm not sure what it is about this time of year that seems to bring out the mondo spiders, but your pictures remind me that they've been proliferating around here at a great rate as well.

At least they eat the other bugs, so they're not all bad, right?

I'm here again from Michele's. Thanks for being so welcoming.
rashbre said…
Woah - some bug. In the UK a Daddy Long legs is a six-legged insecty-thing, so this eight-legger is clearly from a different species.

As a spider, I guess it has a professional interest in looking at the web effect of the screen.

I shall copy my Mum on the cookie post, but the 4am aspect may not appeal.

Michele almost sent me.
Claire said…
Wow, not often you see Daddy Long Legs that close up!!
utenzi said…
I agree, Carmi. Spiders do have their uses. And it's good to see you here and not always in some airport. Too much travel can get you dizzy--hard to remember what city you're in.

Great observation, Rashbre. I love the Spider / screen professional interest idea. I can see that! LOL

Claire, give it a try. They're kinda cute close up--though be careful it's not a jumper.
tommy said…
Michele sent me. We get a lot of those things around here sometimes, they jump pretty far too.
utenzi said…
Did you hear that, Claire? Tommy suggests you watch out.
Yaeli said…
Great photos!!! I just got in from a night shift and thought i'd visit Michele and she sent me to you! :o)
Ciera said…
I am not fond of spiders, but will admit that they're some great pics! I had a jumper in my apartment once...never did catch him...still feel creepy-crawly about it too..

oh from Michele's!
These pix are GREAT! I really love that second one. I'm not crazy about spiders, but I can appreciate a good picture! I'll be in Egypt next week. I hope I don't see any snakes, spiders OR scorpians! Michele sent me and I'm glad she did! Have a great rest of your weekend.
dena said…
I love these guys (girls?). Have you ever let one crawl across your arm. At first it's creepy, but once you get used to the idea it's quite amazing to watch those long legs work.

michele sent me.
Ciera said…
I just read your line on Michele's site and just have to ask...whatcha having good for dinner???? :-D
mooalex said…
Oooh, scary Utenzi!

On a different note, to commemorate 9/11, I've decided to visit every single blog on my blogroll today. I appreciate the entertainment and enjoyment you provide, and I wish you peace and happiness.
utenzi said…
Yaeli, thanks--I do hope you get plenty of rest. Staying up 24 hours at a time isn't good for you!

Ciera, thanks--and I didn't have dinner yet. I was going to but ended up washing dishes first then watching 60 Minutes which I'd recorded earlier. Unfortunately I missed the last segment due to the tennis match earlier going long. :-(

Thanks, Last Girl and Dena. I haven't had a Daddy Long Legs crawl over me in a number of years. I remember doing that intentionally a lot as a kid. I don't remember why but what you say is probably the reason.
Hmmm Methinks you post bug pictures on the weekends or arachnids (sp) in this case.

Here via Michele and that's one big daddy!
Angela said…
Amazing photos... but I must admit, I have a HUGE case of arachnophobia, and prefer my spiders squished or Raided!! I hope you're enjoying HP, I'm a huge fan :)

Here from Michele's!
Inanna said…
WOW!! What awesome pics!! We saw one of those on our fossil expedition!
scrappintwinmom said…
Wow, great pics! Here via Michele today!
Brenda said…
oh, i love daddy long legs spiders. they have such a long legged loveliness to them.

there are so many around my house. it's useless putting them outside, they'll crawl back in within days to set up housekeeping again.

but i'm going to be putting them out soon because i want to paint the walls.
Lish said…
Here from Michele's tonight. I am deathly afraid of spiders and will probably now have nightmares tonight. When I was little my brother would push me into a closet, throw one of these on me, and then lock me in. I blame him for all my sleep issues as an adult.
Lora said…
Fantastic shots!
utenzi said…
Sorry about that, Lish. Little brothers can be such a royal pain. I had one too. Now he's not so little. Hell, two of his kids are bigger than me.

Thanks, Lora!

Brenda, have you given any thought to spiders as decorations embedded in the wall paint?

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