Congratulations to Bobby Cox and the Atlanta Braves

14 consecutive seasons of making it to post-season play


Teresa said…
Yeah... yeah... Congrats! And they did it while helping the Phillies towards the wild card spot. The Phillies won't make it, of course, but not because the Braves didn't try to help.
utenzi said…
Florida will never forgive Atlanta. Not only did the Braves beat the Marlins up late in the season while FL was desperately trying to get that wildcard spot but the Breaves had also just lost 5 of 6 games to the Phils.

LOL The hapless Phillies went from a distant 3rd to second place in a week. Those poor Marlins never knew what hit them!
Diane Mandy said…
GO BRAVES!!!!! Now if Boston can just sqeak by, I'll be in playoff heaven.
utenzi said…
Given that the Braves were originally a Boston franchise that would be an interesting World Series from a historical viewpoint. Certainly not unprecedented since there's been so many crosstown NYC series over time. Yankees, Mets, and Giants (before they left fot the West Coast).
queenofsass said…
woo-hoo "Go Braves". Wanna take a girl to a game???
utenzi said…
Which girl, Chris? Married women can be dangerous. LOL I don't want to get in trouble!

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