It's been a while since I've posted pictures of bugs so to rectify that lack, here's two pictures I took a few weeks back. I hope you like the fellers.

This is a grasshopper. Duh! I guess that was pretty obvious. I color corrected it to the point where it's no longer correct but I liked this look better than reality.

This guy is pretty small. It was crawling near my back door and I took a few pictures. It was too small to easily get the camera to focus so only 2 shots of the 14 I took came out okay. Partly to blame was the white backdrop which made it harder for the camera to focus.


Janet said…
hey, Utenzi, Michele sent me. Nice bug pics!
CT said…
cool pics man, do you collect bugs?
gekke mum said…
wow - those are beautiful! here via michele
Carmi said…
That's what I love about digital: I shoot so many variations of a given scene that at least one is bound to come out. Sure, compared to my beloved film SLR, my hit rate is down. But as long as I get to take home the keeper in the end, I'm happy.

And your photographs always have keepers in the mix. They're absolutely entrancing.

Back from Michele's.
Teresa said…
My dear man... more bugs? {{sigh}}

I liked the spiders better, but the color changes actually improved the grasshopper.
Pearl said…
Those are gorgeous. I haven't seen that kind of caterpillar in a while.
utenzi said…
Thanks, everyone. I do like the way bugs look in photos. Or at least some bugs. Flowers are good too but a lot less dynamic.
Lora said…
Gotta love the instant review factor of digital cameras. Great shot of the catapillar.

PS. I'll have you know that the mental age of a 34 yo female and a 42 yo male are closer than you would think. I wasn't robbed!
utenzi said…
Good point, Lora. I certainly make no claim to being mature. Nope, not at all. That 8 year gap is probably around perfect. So--do you know any nice 36 year old women for me???

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