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I've seen a few movies on DVD over the past two weeks and read 3 books. Here's the reviews of the books, the movies might follow later tonight.


The Rule of Four: Written by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason this book has a great premise that is somewhat reminiscent of the promise that The Da Vinci Code holds at the beginning. I think the book resembles The Celestine Prophecy more in the way it is written but it has elements of both books and it's written a lot better. Unfortunately it never really gets moving and as a result it's quite dull. There's a huge amount of research interred in this book--and that is the word I want to use. LOL It's not enough to write well, you also have to have a plot that moves along, and this one doesn't. In fact, there's more action in the last chapter than in the rest of the book--and it all happens off camera, as it were. You can only make assumptions about the climax that the entire book was building up to because the authors didn't bother to include it in the book. Jesus, what were they thinking?

Metro Girl: This is a book by Janet Evanovich, the author of the popular "number series" about the adventures of skip tracer Stephanie Plum. I really like the way Evanovich writes and her central character here, Alexandra Barnaby, is very likeable and different enough from Plum to make this a good start to a new series. But. Big but, in fact. Evanovich can't keep Alexandra alive for very long. Steffie Plum keeps taking over and even her grandmother is along for the ride in the body of a Cuban cigar maker. It's a shame because in a number of ways this book could be an improvement on her Plum franchise--but as it turns out it's a mess since the characters keep switching personality. And the women in the book are the good part. Evanovich has never been good at writing male characters but in the Plum books they are interesting as sex objects for her largely female readership. Hell, Morelli is close to having a real identity. But in Metro Girl the men are either villains or side show fools (e.g. NASCAR Guy). It's pretty sad. But if you want a light read, Evanovich does have a great voice and this book like her others is entertaining. Just not as good as the Plum novels.

Numbered Account: This book is by Christopher Reich and he's my favorite author for novels that involve finance. Oddly enough there's just not many authors that write about finance! LOL I've read most of Reich's books but somehow had never gotten around to this one, the first he wrote back in 1998. This book involves Swiss Banks, illgotten Natzi wealth, and the son of a banker who died mysteriously years before. Since the son also happens to be an ex-marine who also killed for the CIA he's perfect to go looking for skeletons in those dusty Swiss vaults. The book is a lot of fun even though much of it is familiar territory if you've read any of Reich's other books. I'm very glad I read it though he has grown as an author since writing this first book. I definitely endorse reading any of his books, starting with this one.

...and I'm just starting Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder (translated from Norwegian by Paulette Moller) which seems to mostly be a intro to philosophy but wrapped in a fictionalized story to make it more palatable. More on this when I get further into the book.


Beanhead said…
Thanks for the reviews. I love Evanovich and really need to finish the plum series.
magz said…
hi there, pleased to meetcha david. i followed ya over from where you quacked at my buddy jack and bueana vista dude, how've I missed you up to know?

any guy who reads, likes bugs and other critters, drives a helldell AND knows the meaning of the word syncronicity is aok in my book, and belongs in my farm family of eccentrics!

mighty cute uvula there too my friend, hope yer feelin better. I'm linking you so I can read ya from day 1... drop by sometime!
lisa said…
I recently gave Sophie's World to Glenn as a gift, so I'm interested to hear what you think of it. I don't think he's started it yet.
MissMeliss said…
Shocking, I know, but I've never read any of Evanovich's work.

I have, however, read Sophie's World, and quite enjoyed it, though, my memory of the book is dim (I read it a couple years ago.)

Looking forward to hearing more about your reading.

Oh, and I have a bookblog at zenitopia dot com
Claire said…
I'm loving the look of Metro Girl..will keep an eye open on my next trip to the library!
netchick said…
Hey, if you want to read a really, really good book (that's hard to get into during the first chapter, but then you can't put it down) pick up a copy of: "The Day After Tomorrow" by Allan Folsom. (

It's fantastic!
utenzi said…
I'll give that a try, Netchick. I just checked and they have it at the library at UNC so I'll pick it up tomorrow if I have time. And maybe Day of Confession also.

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