yet another personality test

This one is based on 5 different criteria: Openness to Experience/Intellect; Conscientiousness; Extraversion; Agreeableness; and Neuroticism.

My highest score was 'Openness' which will surprise some of the people that know me. And my lowest score (a 3!) is 'Extroversion' which will surprise nobody at all.

This is the link for my results:
Utenzi's results on the Big Five!!

And this is the link if you want to take the test too: The Big 5 Test


Utopia said…
My results: Openness - 70, Conscientiousness - 35, Extraversion - 22, Agreeableness - 74, Neuroticism - 37. Not too unexpected!
utenzi said…
Maybe a recount is in order vis a vis the neuroticism. Hanging chads, perhaps?
My results: Openness - 84, Conscientiousness - 47, Extraversion - 64, Agreeablesness - 14, Neuroticism - 49.
utenzi said…
I'm rather surprised by your numbers, Liz. Your personality isn't what I'd been assuming! Silly me.
Cattiva said…
I always fail tests :)
Michele said…
Stopping by to say hello....

One section said I was "extremely outgoing, social, and energetic."

Another section said: you will immediatly forget what section said you are "extremely outgoing, social, and energetic."

Wow. This test is good!
utenzi said…
Those are amazing results, Michele.
what part of my results is surprising? The fact that I am not at all agreeable?
utenzi said…
I was married once, Liz. I know very well there are some questions you just don't answer. :-)

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