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To lighten things up a bit from the political ramblings, here's two pictures. Neither is thrilling; sorry about that. The first is an example of what I do at work. It's a long process to get to that point but at the end of it all we do statistical analysis on how our RNA Microarrays cluster and this picture is one of our results from last year. Hell, it usually doesn't interest me all that much so I can't complain if you're all yawning. *shrug*

The second picture is of a corner of my front yard. The sun was low in the sky and I thought the effect on the grass was interesting. The contrast is fairly dramatic and it's more interesting then political discourse--to most of us, anyway.


superheavyduty said…
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ohhh...microarrays? yikes.

those were all the hottest shit a few years ago. I don't know....I'm always skeptical of microarray data.

looks interesting, though!
utenzi said…
Well you should be, ESC. It's definitely a shotgun approach but if you follow it up with some real time PCR and other rigorous methods it does give you direction when you're floundering.
mercuryfern said…
Hello, Michele sent me.

I'm an undergrad and we've been talkign at some length about genetics in my much adored Biological Anthropology class, so actually, no, the microarrays are not incredibly boring to me. The lawn photo is very nice also.
utenzi said…
Thanks, Mercury!
Nancy said…
I find all science stuff interesting.

Like the lawn photo.

thanks for all the comments on my blog.

Nice to meet ya!

Have a good weekend....
Hey, I do statistical analysis a lot, too! Only mine isn't scientific, it's on economics.
utenzi said…
Good to know we have things in common,
Stacey. LOL I'm doing pretty simple stuff--mainly T tests and other measures of association. We just need to know if treated versus untreated patients (or cells) are different populations.

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