This one works!

A few days ago I complained about the battery in my truck dying. I didn't get a picture of the old and very corruded battery but here's a picture of my new one. Given that the truck engine to the side of the battery is over 6 years old, there's plenty of dirt and grime, but I assure you the new battery is far prettier than anything else under that hood. Especially that itty-bitty 4 cylinder engine.


It's good that you got a new battery. I would seem that I will be needing one. My car died this week which is really bad because I have to move into school on Thrusday. We can only hope that it will be replaced before I head back because I need my car.
L-girl said…
Hi Utenzi. I came to check out my new commenter, and was struck by that amazing photograph at the top of your blog! Wow. Where was that taken?

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