Roe v. Wade & Judge John Roberts

President Bush nominated Judge Roberts for the Supreme Court on Wednesday July 20. Many Democrats are worried that this will mean that Roe v. Wade will be struck down. Personally I feel that Judge Roberts was selected for exactly the opposite reason.

Conventional wisdom holds that the left wing wants Roe v. Wade upheld and that conversely the right wing wants that decision struck down. For reasons of innate personality and disposition I tend to evaluate these matters financially first and then in terms of political demographics. To be blunt, Republicans need abortion to be legal. It's a huge issue for them to raise money on and one of their primary planks in political campaigning. In national politics the Republicans hold both the Senate and the House but not by large margins. Should Roe v. Wade disappear as something to rally the GOP troops against--there's a good chance that Democratic majorities would soon result. Less money coming in and the loss of their biggest scare tactic--that gives the Republican Party leadership strong incentive to maintain the status quo--and John Roberts is a great choice for that. He's got good conservative chops but with little judicial mileage under his belt neither the right nor left knows what to expect.

As for my feelings, I'm an Independent but I'd lean more to the Democrats than Republicans. And I think the best thing for the Democratic Party would be for Roe v. Wade to be struck down. This last presidential election was largely decided on just this one issue. Take it away and Democrats will no longer be hobbled by abortion. As long as the current political climate prevails, and abortion is legal, I can't see a Democrat being elected president--and I just can't bear to see Jeb be elected. *wince*

Secondly, Roe v. Wade has always been a political decision. As a judicial case it's so weak that it'd have been reversed long ago without the political ramifications. The courts, as I'm sure everyone is aware, aren't truly independent of politics and outside considerations. If you're going to have abortion be legal it should be by legislation and that's just not going to happen now. However, if abortion is illegal for a while attitudes might change. Many a family has used abortion to solve problems despite being deadset against the practice of abortion. When abortion is illegal and only when it is illegal will a true concensus be able to be formed on how needed this medical option is.

There's more but I'm getting bored and want to go have lunch. Most of the people that read this blog seem to be family oriented so I suspect this topic might be an unpopular one. Sorry everyone!


No_Newz said…
Good gravy! Just the thought of Jeb being elected made me break out in hives. Yike!
Hope you have a great weekend!
Lois Lane
Lora said…
Well, it may be good for the Democrats, but it wouldn't be good for the people.

I'm prochoice because I am prochild. I agree that it over turning Roe vs. Wade might open some eyes to the necessity of legal abortion, but many people don't bases their opinions in rational/worldly terms.

I also thing that people should have to be liscensed to become parents, but I don't think that would go over to well.
GPV said…
You speak as a non opposing middle man,not right nor left,just a small
tendency of looking at your lefties
with some light and mild approval.

How do you vote- 45% conservatives and 55% liberals?
"Tee Hee"
utenzi said…
Actually when I only agree with conservatives I don't bother to vote. I've voted only for Democrats but there's been more than one time that I didn't vote because I didn't want any of them to win.
trusty getto said…
My analysis is significantly less sophisticated. I think it's not whether he'll overturn it, but when.

You can read my post on it (if you want) at:

I must admit, though, that I hope you're right and I'm wrong . . .
utenzi said…
Thanks for the reference, Trusty. I'll go check out your page.

I kknow what you mean, Lois. It'll be truly scary--and very likely, I suspect. Jeb's young enough that he can wait things out if he needs to.

I agree with you Lora in regard to licensing parents. It'll never happen unless things change drastically in this country and I admit to finding it scary to think the goverernment would be in charge of those types of decisions. But people should be more prepared to have kids--emotionally, financially, and especially in terms of stability. Kids need those things as well as love.

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