A Riddle

What do you get when you add 4 home brewed beers and a baby to an empty nester?

~~~Sleepy contentment!~~~


indigo said…
Hi David... thanks for your 'laugh out loud' funny post on colon singing at Michele's. I saw the typo just as I posted it...but it was too late. LOL...sharp eyes you.
indigo said…
PS...i just saw your favourite books...and noticed The Belgariad by Eddings!!! I love love that series...and must have read it like 8 times right thru.
utenzi said…
Me too, Indigo. Each time a new book came out--I was in high school when the series started--I reread the series from the beginning. People do that with the Robert Jordan WoT series also but that one doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. The first 4 or 5 books were good though.
GPV said…
Hello there, tell me are you fatherish or grandfatherishing?
utenzi said…
I have never reproduced. *whew* The baby in the picture belongs to a postdoc, Rusty, that I work with. Their older child is the 5 year old that was able to handle more spice than me at the Crawdad fest, GPV.

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