On account of weather

Such a lovely day in the South. The day dawned at 90% humidity and even though it was only 78, it felt like it was at least 90. By the time it was 10am--it was over 90 and felt like a sauna. I went for a few short paddles, not even a mile in length and then in the afternoon we had rain squalls that kept me out of the water due to the lightning and wind. I'm hoping for better tomorrow!


I hope for your sake the weather is nicer, too!
Janet said…
beautiful foggy, hazy picture, tho! Hi, Michele sent me :-)
I love hot, humid days!
Humidity is evil. It causes me to have asthma worse than anything else in the world. I only need to walk down the driveway and feel as though I want to pass out.
No_Newz said…
Here's hoping the sun shines on you tomorrow (and someone moons ya tonight hahahaha)
That right there is perfect sleeping weather!
BTW, I view you in IE and the sidebar looks fine. Perfectionist. ;)
Lois Lane
when will summer be OVER here????

oh yeah...november...ugh...
would one of you like to trade places with me for the winter? You come live in the snowbelt for a winter, and I'll head somewhere warmer!
utenzi said…
No thanks, Liz. I lived the first half my life up in that nasty snow. I'm not going back!
utenzi said…
Thanks, Lois. The trouble only appears on some IE version 6s. It works fine on my build but it didn't on my parent's computer. I didn't note which build they had on their computer tho.

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