Negative Posts

I rarely ever post negative comments on blogs. What's the point? Blogs are for posting feelings and opinions and if you don't like a particular blog--move the Hell on down the line. But today I posted a negative comment on a blog, probably needlessly now that I've settled down a bit. The blog is a good one and consistant and the post I objected to was just a quote, not the blogger's own writing. Here's the post in case you're interested: Sweeter than Ever

The post is based on the comment by Anne Graham, Billy Graham's daughter.

Essentially my objection is that I find statements like this to be narrow minded and mean. When someone takes their opinion of what the world should be like, then uses a tragedy like 9/11 to justify their opinion that God is punishing us it trivializes the tragedy and makes God seem like a petulent child that hasn't gotten his own way. I truly doubt God is petulent. But someone like Anne Graham using God to justify the death of many people is petulent--and chicken hearted. If she feels that we're headed down the wrong path--then let her say so boldly and directly but don't tell us that it's the will of God. She doesn't know the will of God any more than any of the rest of us.

Anyway, that's my soapbox blog for the moment. I'll try not to be so heavy in the future. Back to the regular programming. :-)


G said…
Agreed, my friend. It's amazing how often people can get away with justifying their own agenda by using metaphors and reasoning (ie God) that are intangible.

Negative commentary can be a good thing sometimes. Every now and then you do need to challenge those who base their every view on something that, while it may exist, cannot be proven and certainly cannot be known to have any relation to any particular event (ie God and 9/11). Good on you to state your views and to challenge Graham's.

I for one will never dispute the notion of God, or a God. I'm down with the idea of a higher power creating the Earth. Cool. What I'm not down with is people using such a thing to justify their every viewpoint, or to explain something which already has an explanation that their own politik makes them simply refuse to accept (ie 9/11 and why it was NY was attacked).

Glad to see this post. Enjoy the soapbox ... nothing wrong with standing on one from time to time. Hell, I do it on occasion also to get a point across. Glad you did it also.
utenzi said…
LOL Yes, G, you do occasionally find a soapbox to stand on. And you're right--it does make for interesting reading.
Anvilcloud said…
Hard as it is, I'm trying to learn to not comment when I read something that doesn't square with my thinking. Sometimes, I get wound up, however.
Lora said…
I generally avoid anything to flamatory on my blog, but I personnally hold very strong opinions. I've done a couple blog entries fuming about another persons post, and I've left some respectful disagreements, but amazingly enough I've managed to hold back on things to negative. I really enjoy read about other people's view points and perspectives so it's bound to happen that I'm going to run into posts that irriate me.

I guess that's a rather long way of saying, "I know what you mean."
GPV said…
Heeheeheee ut,
You saw 1 blog too many and you want BAAAAAAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNG !!!!

I did that too,but I won't tell you

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