Living slow in SC

I'm in SC at my parent's house for the weekend. They live on a lake so I'll be doing some kayaking--which is also why I'm up at this hour. I like to paddle a few miles away from here before dawn to see if I can get any interesting pictures. Of course a lot of days there's too much cloud cover and the plan goes awry--but anytime you get in some paddling the plan is, in the end, a good one.

As for the living slow--that refers partly to their being retired but mostly to having a dial-up connection to the Internet. Eeeek!

But despite this stone age connectivity issue I have learned something already. I use 3 different browsers at home--not one of them IE. But IE is all I have here and I found out my Blog doesn't load the right side correctly in IE! Who knew? Well, anyone with IE, I guess. Something for me to work on once I get home. IE sure can be a pain in the bootie area.


Sarangeti said…
Hmmm...I don't see anything on the right side. The stuff that looks like it should be there is underneath your actual blog entries. (I'm using msn explorer.)

Thanks for visiting via Michele. Sorry about the milky subject you read about on my blog!

Kayaking--sounds wonderful!
You must have good strong arms if you kayak frequently! *fox whistles*
*giggles* "...the bootie area."
kharroufi said…
je ta souaite bonne vacance et j espere que tu nous aportes des photos avec toi merci
kharroufi said…
j forgiveness have forget to translate: me your souaite good vacancy and j hopes that you us aportes of the photos with you thank you
Hi Utenzi,

I don't know Italian or French, but I do know a little bit of Spanish, which is a little similar. I think what he meant was, "May you have a good vacation and I hope that you show us photos."
utenzi said…
Thanks for the interpretation, Stacey. I had no clue what was being said--and hadn't gotten around to checking it out in Babel Fish.

As for my arms, they're sturdy but not all that big. But thanks for the whistles all the same. ;-)

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