The Joys of Home Ownership

A few weeks ago I realized I had a number of tenants (pests, vagrants, fellow travelers, call them what you will) that hadn't been invited in. Or at least I suspected I had them.

It started when I heard an odd sound when I was up in one of my second story bedrooms. Now I don't go up there often, frequently not for several weeks at a time, so I'm not aware of changes in atmosphere up there. Other than it's freaking hot up there in summer! Anyway, the sound was coming from the ceiling, near an air vent, not far from my front window. It was an odd sound, like a lot of small folk digging or scraping. When I went up into the attic (beyond freaking hot) I saw some evidence that at some point in time a bird had spent time in my abode. Wonderful. But nothing to explain the sounds. I concluded it was bugs and took measures to "make their day" as good ole Clint would say.

Apparently I was too late because a few days later a small hole appeared in my ceiling. I just happened to be looking in on things soon after the break out had occured--it was indeed bugs of the flying sort. I shut the door and put a towel at the bottom to contain things and just left them up there to get pissed off and die. I'd covered up the air vents earlier as a precaution so with the door blocked I had no worries about them getting into the rest of the house.

So now I have lots of little dead bug corpses and some stains on the window shades. I'm not sure if they had stingers and were trying to kill the shades or maybe it was bug-juice from them head butting the windows in an attempt to win free of my house. In any case it didn't work and there are dead bugs everywhere up there! Time to vacuum, I 'spose.


queenofsass said…
On the bright side: those aren't termites.

So you are a bugicidal maniac? I will keep that in mind next time critters invade my space.
utenzi said…
Always willing to help fellow bloggers, Queen Sass.
Ew YUCKY!! I'd have run out of the house in a screaming fit.
utenzi said…
There were several thousand of them up there so if they'd gotten into the general area of the house they might have killed someone. Me, I guess. Bad thought! But that's why I made sure they couldn't get out of that one room. Now I just have to spray the attic in case anything is left up there and then fix the ceiling.

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