Bootie in SC

This is a somewhat famous landmark in Gaffney, SC. It's the town's water tower and it was made to look like a peach. A VERY BIG peach. However it also bears a close resemblance, from some angles, to a HUGE BUTT!

As you might guess, this isn't the claim to fame that the areas residents would most want to be remembered by. A giant butt at the side of the road. But it really is kind of cute, in a giant peach-butt kind of way. :-)



makes me think of the lyrics, really love your peaches ... wanna shake your tree
utenzi said…
LOL Well, Liz, that particular phrase brings a very different--and pleasant--image to my mind! That's the only type of peaches I like.
HAHAHA! We took picsof that when we drove by it last month.
Lora said…
Definitely original!

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