3 pictures of me

For some reason I decided to go kayaking after sunset. I don't recall why. DQ took these pictures when I got back to the dock. The first picture was taken without the flash so you can see how dark it was. The moon was almost full so once your eyes adjusted, it wasn't difficult paddling on the open lake--but navigating in the small inlets was more interesting.

In this picture it seems like I'm contemplating some deep philosopical issue but actually I was just breathing hard and trying to stop sweating. It was so damn humid!

Just mugging for the camera in this one. What a ham!

My glasses fogged up from the humidity in the air and the heat coming off of my face due to the hard paddling at the end of my excursion. (aka showing off)


No_Newz said…
Nice pictures and all but man, that is the hairiest "ham" I have ever seen. ;)
It's nice putting a face to ya.
Lois Lane
Pearl said…
Kayaking. That's something I've got to try this year. It must be fun.

Love your witty remark at Michele's give advice question.
Melzie said…
Yay I love putting a face with a name :) Nice pics and the dog is cute too ;) melzie
contemplating some deep philosphical (damn I've suggested spell check to blogger so many times and yet they ignore me) issue and breathing hard trying not to sweat is the same thing anit it?
queenofsass said…
Thanks for the photo shoot. It is always interesting to see the face behind the words.
utenzi said…
So nice to see you back among us, Chris. I'm glad you're feeling better!

Ummm... Jack---I just don't know what to say.

Kayaking is a lot of fun, Pearl. I'm sure you'd really enjoy it.
Lora said…
So nice to see your face!
utenzi said…
Well, aren't you sweet, Lora. Why is it that only married women like my face?! LOL
What a doll! :) *fox whistle*

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