TV versus reality

I saw this ad on TV after watching a ball game and I decided I'd make dinner for myself since that commercial looked soooo good. Of course it's way too hot out for me to want to grill, so that's out--besides by that time it was well after 10pm and it's too dark out. My grill would fill up with suicidal moths!

So I decided to make goulash. This is the type with macaroni, bell peppers, onions, hamburger, and some spices. Nothing fancy, and below is how it looked before I mixed it all together. Not quite the same as that tv commercial that inspired me.     :-(      And by the time I finished, it was after midnight and even I don't eat dinner THAT late. At least not often.


Tammy Said said…
Mmmmm, Looks Yummy!... Great Blog! nd those pictures below... simply and totally stunning. I love them! Thanks for sharing them. And thanks for stopping by my blog
utenzi said…
Well, it's kind of you to say so Tammy but I'm afraid it's not true. You should never cook after bed time is my new rule. I didn't saute the peppers and onion long enough and I over boiled the elbows. It's still quite edible, but not as good as it should be.
I'll be right over! :)
utenzi said…
I'm making it again tonight but this time at a decent time so that I won't screw it up. And this time it'll be prettier because I'm using a red bell pepper. :-)

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